ArtFire Reviews – Legit or Scam handmade ?

In this Artfire review, we will break down the company’s reputation, customer service and refund policy. We explore a couple of key aspects to help you decide if this is for you: their reputation, customer service & refund policy! If you are interested in getting your hands on some of their items, then read this review about why ArtFire may be not right for you, or check out what others have said below.

Artfire has been around since 2001 and is a company that offers Artwork, Photography, Jewelry, Clothing and more. Artfire specializes in selling handmade products from independent artists all over the world. Artfire also sells items by established brands. Artfire is worth checking out for their wide selection of exclusive merchandise!

How Does Artfire Work?

Artfire works a little differently from most other websites. Artwork and photography are chosen by the Artfire team in order to highlight the best of what’s being offered on the site.

Artfire has over 1 million members as well as impressive artist profiles, some with links to social media accounts! This gives you an opportunity to get to know your favorite Artfire artist.

Artfire offers you the opportunity to submit work for review by ArtFire and other members of Artfire, their sister site which focuses on artwork.

Company Claims

– A professional, artist-friendly marketplace for fine art.

– Artfire is a reputable online marketplace for original work.

–  Artfire has a stellar reputation in the art industry. Their customer service is on point, and they have an easy-to-understand refund policy that goes above and beyond what most sellers offer you for returns when something doesn’t work out right away.

– Creating an account is free! You can browse without signing up, but if you want to buy items or start selling, then you will need to create an Artfire account.

– Artwork can be purchased as a gift for any occasion, and ArtFire offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more!

– Artfire is a company that strives for authenticity in their artwork because they want customers to feel confident about buying products from them. Artfire is also committed to making sure no Artwork that appears on ArtFire has been copied from other artists.

– Artfire offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for any Art sale or refund within 30 days of purchase.

How Does Artfire Make Money?

Artfire earns revenue by charging sellers 20 cents per listing and buyers $0.00 to purchase. Artfire also offers monthly subscriptions for $15 per month that allow sellers to list an unlimited number of products and get access to selling tools, resources and promotions such as ArtFire’s newsletter.

Artwork is sold through Artfire using a ‘Buy Now’ button on the listing page. The buyer then pays with PayPal or Artfire’s ArtFire Payment service.

Artwork is then shipped to the customer, with a free shipping option available on orders over $50 USD.

According to Artfire, sellers are not allowed to copy work from other artists, and they have spent a lot on resources in order as it is difficult to find the original artist if there is one at all.

Is Artfire Legit?

Yes! Artfire has been operating since 2001, and they strive for authenticity in their artwork while also ensuring no Artist work listed on ArtFire is copied from other Artwork. Artfire has over one million members, and is a company that strives for authenticity in their artwork because they want customers to feel confident about buying products from them.

Artfire offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Art sales or refunds within 30 days of purchase, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for an authentic site to buy Artwork from.

Artfire’s Reputation

The company has a low reputation, and Artfire’s positive reviews are difficult to find. ArtFire doesn’t appear in the search results for “ArtFire review” on Google, which suggests that it has a low reputation with customers.

Ratings and Complaints

Customers report getting shoddy customer service from Artfire when they try to contact them about issues or complaints.

The company had an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau as of September. Artfire’s ratings can be found on their website.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed On Artfire

You should always know what you are buying, and the seller has to have a good reputation– there is no guarantee on those items that come from one-off sellers or those with less than 5 transactions. If you buy from someone who has already established an identity as a reputable seller, then they will most likely be good at reading reviews and making sure that the description is correct when selling their own products. And finally, find out if the person is local, so you can easily see them in person to get feedback about their quality workmanship before placing your order.

Best Alternative Stores

If you are looking for handmade or vintage Artwork, ArtFire is not the place to go. Instead of Artfire, you may want to try Amazon , Etsy or eBay if you are interested in handmade and vintage items. ArtFire is a good option if you are looking for Artwork from artists and photographers who have already established an identity.

Final thoughts is a website that make it possible to buy, and sell, art from all over the world in one place. However, reviews have been rather awful for this company and customers should be advised accordingly.

Artfire has had some pretty bad reviews as of late, with most considering the site unprofessional and hard to maneuver through (at least initially) without having ordered anything prior or made any arrangements with sellers yet; there are also a few instances of packages not being sent out correctly along with damage incurred during transit despite often high-value loads like jewelry being shipped. Add to this that most purchases without exception will incur both an 18% fee on top of shipping charges at either end combined with other customers’ 6%-10% of Artwork’s sale price.

It seems like this company isn’t doing too great when it comes down to customer satisfaction as well.  Artfire has been accused of poor customer service when contacted about issues or complaints, and Artwork on the site is often difficult to find if you’re looking for something specific.

If Artwork from Artfire sounds like the kind of thing that would interest you, then please make sure it’s worth your while. There are many other sites out there which are comparable Artwork, but the customers who have dealt with Artfire seem to think that this one is not worth it in comparison.

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