Best Baby Carrier 2017

Finding out that you are expecting is an exciting time in a parent’s life; but it can also be confusing. When it comes to shopping for baby, deciding on what products work best can be a daunting experience. If you’re in the market for a baby sling, then look no further.

This buyer’s guide contains answers to some of the questions you may have regarding baby slings, as well as reviews for the top choices on the market today.

Compare: The 10 Top Rated Baby Carriers

1boba-4g-baby-carrierBoba 4G Baby CarrierBoba$$$4.9
2ergobaby-four-position-360-baby-carrierERGObaby Four Position 360 Baby CarrierERGObaby$$$$4.9
3babybjorn-baby-carrier-miracleBABYBJORN Baby Carrier MiracleBabyBjörn$$$4.8
4infantino-sash-mei-tai-carrierInfantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby CarrierInfantino$$4.6
5moby-wrap-original-100-cotton-baby-carrierMoby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Baby CarrierMoby Wrap$$4.6
6infantino-breathe-vented-carrierInfantino Breathe Vented CarrierInfantino$$4.5
7lillebaby-complete-all-seasons-6-in-1-baby-carrierSIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child CarrierLillebaby$$$$4.7
8baby-ktan-original-baby-carrierBaby K'tan ORIGINAL Baby CarrierBaby Ktan$$4.6
9beco-gemini-baby-carrierBeco Gemini Baby CarrierBecco Baby Carrier$$$$4.7
10beachfront-baby-water-wrap-baby-carrierBeachfront Baby Water Wrap Baby CarrierBeachfront Baby$$4.6

Our Baby Carrier / Baby Sling Reviews

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle – Best Cheap Baby Sling

The Miracle baby carrier by BABYBJORN is a great entry level baby sling. If price is your main concern, the Miracle packs a punch while still remaining in the lower end of the cost spectrum. It’s front of carrier buckles, waist belt, and front opening are all features well worth the price of the product. However, it is not all pros with this product. If you are over six feet tall, this may not be the product for you, as some parents have complained of needing another two inches in the straps for proper fitting. While this carrier faces in and out, it does not transfer to a wearer’s back for older children, like its more expensive counterparts.

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Boba 4G Carrier – Best Baby Sling for the Money

If you are within a budget but not entirely strapped for cash, then give the Boba 4G Carrier a try. Its supportive waist band and unique features – such as the purse strap holder – push this carrier into the intermediate category. Although the product is great for the price, keep in mind that it is slightly heavier than its counterparts. While the information states it is great for children as small as 7 pounds, it is not recommended for newborns, as it lacks the extensive neck support of its counterparts.

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ERGObaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier – Best Baby Sling Overall

This carrier takes the cake as best overall. While it is considered to be a higher end product, this carrier is comprised of great features, making it money well-spent. ERGObaby spent time developing this product over the span of a decade, consulting with pediatricians, consultants, midwives, and parents alike. The four carrier positions are all extensively supportive, making baby’s outings exciting and ergonomically safe. The versatility of the product outweighs its cost, allowing you to use the item as a back carrier and a front carrier, ultimately prolonging the life of the carrier.

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Our Top Rated Baby Carriers


Best Overallergobaby-four-position-360-baby-carrier

Best For The Money boba-4g-baby-carrier

Best Cheap babybjorn-baby-carrier-miracle

What Is A Baby Carrier?

The first question you may have is what exactly is a baby carrier? A baby carrier, also known as a baby sling, is simply a piece of cloth that is worn in a way that supports the baby against the wearer. Baby slings have become quite popular, coining the term babywearing to describe the practice. Baby slings have been seen in growing intensity in television shows, movies, and being donned by celebrities- adding to the trendy craze.

When the baby is in the carrier, the baby’s weight puts tension on the fabric, and the combination of fabric tension, friction of fabric surfaces against each other and the rings combine to “lock” the sling in position. This type of sling can adjust to different wearers’ sizes and accommodate different wearing positions easily: the wearer supports the baby’s weight with one hand and uses the other hand to pull more fabric through the rings to tighten or loosen the sling.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning A Baby Carrier?

One of the most important aspects of owning a baby sling is the closeness you’ll experience with your infant. Whether completing chores around the house, or running errands around town, you’ll occasionally require the ability to be hands free without putting baby down. Baby slings are the perfect solution.

On top of being useful for hands free babywearing, a sling grants you the ability to share a continual closeness with your baby. Slings are lightweight and breathable. They make movement for you and baby easy and natural. Unlike traditional carriers, slings are transitional- most are made of a excessive amount of fabric, allowing for versatility in size and position.

What Are The Different Types of Baby Carriers?

When you first begin the process of purchasing a baby sling, the first and most important decision is to determine which type will work best for you. There are four types of baby slings available on the market, each with different features. Some parents choose to purchase only one, whereas others purchase two or three styles, alternating between them. Every baby is different and you may find that what works for some babies does not work for your baby. Make sure to review the features of each type of sling before purchasing to make sure that you find a suitable product for you and your little one.

  • Ring slings: These baby slings are shaped from a rectangular piece of fabric. This fabric is then fed through double o-rings, creating a pouch-like seat for baby. It is easily adjustable. Ring slings can be used from birth until the child becomes too heavy to wear.
  • Pouch slings: A continuous circle of fabric stitched into a tubal shape. This creates a pouch for baby to sit or lay in. Usable beginning at birth.
  • Mei Tei carrier: This type of sling consists of four straps coming from a rectangular piece of fabric. The child is placed in the rectangular section and the straps are wrapped comfortably around the wearer, tying the baby into place. These work great from newborn age up until preschool age. A newer version of this style is called the Buckle carrier and simply replaces the knots with clips or buckles for added safety.
  • Wraps: One large length of fabric that is used to wrap the baby onto the caregiver. Wraps give the most about of versatility when babywearing. Great for newborns, but are able to be used at any age.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Baby Carrier

Once you’ve chosen what type of sling you’ll be using, you need to decide on specific product features that will suit your needs best. While some are superfluous, there are qualities that are a must-have for a comfortable experience for both you and your baby. Make sure to thoroughly research your choices by reading product features and reviews online and in-stores and by talking to other parents who have previously purchased a carrier and find out what worked for them. Some of the most important features include cost, comfort for both you and baby, and ease of use.


Always an extremely important factor in any purchase, cost is one of the vital features to look at when comparing products. Although it is important to stay within a budget, baby’s comfort and safety should outrank this feature if necessary. With that being said, the most expensive product is not necessarily the best product for your baby. Make sure to compare all features alongside cost to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Be careful to research if the item comes with all of the required features for your use, or if additional inserts and attachments will add to the cost.


Comfort is critical. If the carrier you purchase is uncomfortable, the likelihood of you using it diminishes exponentially. If using the carrier is unpleasant for your newborn, they will fuss and cry during use- also causing you to resist using the product. Lack of use raises the price drastically when compared to frequency of use. When researching comfort, it is important to look at head support for your infant, back support for yourself, padding for both you and baby, and how breathable the product is during wear. It is crucial to select a sling made from a breathable material, especially if you live in a warmer location. One of the biggest complaints parents make regarding babywearing is that both themselves and the baby heat up during the experience.

Ease of Use

Another important feature to vet before buying is how easy the item is to use. If the baby sling or carrier is too complicated or bulky to use, it will end up collecting dust instead of being put to good use. Check online reviews for comments about how easy adjustments are to make, clasps and buckles fasten or release, and how easy it is to get baby out while sleeping.


Of course, every product has a list of cons. It has been said that the Velcro used on the 360 can be loud in quiet settings, and is cumbersome to use when adjusting positions once the carrier is in place. However, users of this product do state that the love of the carrier itself more than compensates for the bothersome Velcro. In order to be able to use for a newborn, you have to purchase an additional infant insert.

When shopping for a baby sling, it is important to do your research. Even the lower end products are an investment, so purchasing the wrong item can cost you precious time and money. Talk to parents, read online reviews, question your pediatrician- consumers will always have tips and tricks that you won’t find on product information.

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