Best Bidet Toilet Seat 2017

In today’s modern world, it is becoming increasingly easier and simpler to make improvements to one’s home. Modernizing the toilet brings new life to the bathroom, implementing new technology to help make the bathroom more hygienic and comfortable.

Bidets have long been a standard bathroom fixture in most parts of the world. Today, bidets are becoming more and more common in American homes too and people want the best bidet toilet seat for their homes. Bidets can come as traditional separate standalone models or in a toilet seat design. Standalone models get installed next to your toilet, but you’ll need a lot of extra space in your bathroom as well as some plumbing know-how or a professional to do it correctly.

Compare: The 10 Top Rated Bidet Toilet Seats

1Luxe Bidet Neo 185LUXE Bidet$4.8
2TOTO SW2034 Elongated C100 WashletToto$$$4.7
3Greenco Bidet Toilet SeatGreenco$4.6
4Ellegantz GenieBidet SeatGenieBidet$$4.6
5Luxe Bidet Neo 320LUXE Bidet$$4.6
6Brondell S1000-EW BidetBrondell$$$$4.6
7Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet SeatBioBidet$$$$4.6
8Luxe Bidet Neo 110LUXE Bidet$4.5
9SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric BidetSmartBidet$$$4.4
10Joy Bidet C-1Joy Bidet$4.3

Our Bidet Toilet Seat Reviews

Greenco Bidet Toilet Seat – Best Cheap Bidet Toilet Seat

If price is the most important factor in choosing, the Greenco bidet toilet seat attachment offers the all that is needed in a good toilet bidet.


  • This toilet bidet attachment is affordable and cleans well


  • It is simple and doesn’t offer many extra features
  • Compared to the other two, it will require the most maintenance

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Luxe Bidet Neo 185 – Best Bidet Toilet Seat for the Money

The best bidet toilet seat for the money is the Luxe Bidet Neo 185. It has a reasonable amount of features but does not cost as much as some of the more complicated versions.tarts.


  • It offers feminine cleaning, has a self-cleaning, retractable nozzle, and is affordable


  • This unit does not offer any special features aside from water control

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TOTO SW2034 Elongated C100 Washlet – Best Bidet Toilet Seat Overall

The TOTO SW2034 offers the best components available for an integrated bidet toilet seat for the best price. It gives you extra features that may be important to you if you’re looking for ultimate comfort in the bathroom.


  • It has lots of extra features such as scent removal, water temperature controls, and a heated seat
  • The price is very reasonable for a full bidet toilet seat compared to competition in its class


  • It is expensive and may have too many features that many homeowners may not use

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Our Top Rated Bidet Toilet Seats


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What Is A Bidet Toilet Seat?

The bidet is considered a French invention, but the earliest written reference is actually from Italy in 1710. These first primitive bidets were nothing like the fancy models we have today, many of which can spray hot or cold water, and have built-in dryers and deodorizers. They started as a simple bowl one could squat over and were used in the bedroom as opposed to the bathroom.

To get a good idea of what a bidet toilet seat is, it’s important to first look at the original bidet. A bidet is a type of sink typically found in the bathroom that lie close to the floor and are used to clean lower body parts. Typically, bidets are used to achieve maximum cleanliness with minimal use of toilet paper. In fact, bidets are sometimes used as an alternative to toilet paper. Bidets are especially common in South and Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The only region where they are not common, at least until now, is America.

As bidets can take up a large amount of space and need additional plumbing in order to function properly, modern technology has made the bidet more viable by integrating it into the toilet seat, solving both space and plumbing issues. The bidet toilet seat is the result of this innovation, creating an easier and more affordable way to create a clean and comfortable bathroom.

The bidet’s purpose is to be used after toilet use. You can use it alongside the toilet paper, or you can use it on its own. Most people prefer to use both toilet paper and bidet. The bidet seat is usually located near the toilet, but that’s not a general rule. It looks like a toilet with a faucet, or like a low sink. In some countries, mostly in Asia, you can encounter toilets with a bidet feature. Some fixtures are added to fit over the toilet seat, so you don’t have to get up to clean yourself.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Bidet Toilet Seat?

The best bidet toilet seats make possible a more comfortable and clean bathroom experience by providing a seamless and easy way to clean yourself after using the toilet. Most of them work with the simple press of a button once installed correctly. They are especially efficient in cleaning and can even be used to cool your body on a hot day.

Even if it doesn’t fully eliminate the need for toilet paper, the bidet toilet seat can undoubtedly reduce the amount needed, getting rid of extra trips to the store for toilet paper. Did you know the average American uses around 50 pounds of toilet paper per year?

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When you buy a bidet toilet seat, it is important to consider the brand and style of the toilet. In order to get the most out of a bidet toilet seat, the size of the toilet and the architecture of its plumbing are extremely important for proper installation.

If buying a fully integrated bidet toilet seat, you should also note how comfortable the seat attached to the bidet is, as you cannot replace just the seat without replacing the entire bidet mechanism.

What Are The Different Types of Bidet Toilet Seats?

There are two types of bidet toilet seats: a bidet attachment seat and complete bidet toilet seat.

  • Bidet Attachment – A bidet attachment seat is the cheaper of the two options. It is only the bidet component, which basically consists of a nozzle to spray water and the controls of the nozzle. This option is also the easiest to install and is compatible with nearly every toilet, old and new. Most models require the toilet to be two-piece, which means that the tank must be removable.
  • Complete Bidet Toilet Seat – Of the two options, the toilet seat with an integrated bidet is the more technologically advanced and expensive option, as many models use electricity and will need a power outlet nearby to function. Complete bidet toilet seats tend to last longer than the attachments and usually have more functions integrated into their design.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Bidet Toilet Seat

Much like other home and bathroom products, there are lots of choices available. The good thing about this is that you’re sure to find bidet toilet seat that works for your toilet and needs. The bad part is that you have to weed through hundreds of options and hope you make the right choice. Before you throw money away on a bidet toilet seat that doesn’t fit your needs, make sure that you check out these considerations before you purchase.


Since some houses are equipped with multiple toilets, you may want to consider purchasing the best bidet toilet seat for the bathroom used most frequently, perhaps upgrading it with a full bidet toilet seat. The other toilets in the household can be outfitted with the cheaper bidet attachments. Ultimately, consider what toilet is being upgraded with a bidet and how frequently it is used when considering what type of bidet to purchase.


Of course, maintenance comes into mind when choosing a bidet toilet seat, with cheaper models requiring more fixes over time. The best bidet toilet seats will keep itself and the user as clean as possible. It is important note how many nozzles the bidet toilet seat has along with the wash area. A good bidet toilet seat can also keep itself clean, ensuring that it doesn’t foster bacteria growth.


It is important to consider the difficulty of installing a bidet toilet seat, as more complicated seats may call for assistance from a plumber or professional. If installing a bidet attachment, it is important ensure that the attachment is compatible with the original toilet itself. Most bidet toilet seats are compatible with two-piece toilets and will install with considerable ease, requiring only a screwdriver and sometimes a wrench. Also, note the architecture of the bathroom the seat will be installed in as some will require a nearby electrical outlet to work properly. In a situation with a poorly placed outlet, a bidet attachment that uses a mechanical system may be a better option.

Water Temperature

The biggest feature upgrade on a bidet is going from cold water to warm water. Even some of the least expensive models have a water temperature option. Water can be heated via two different methods. Some models will tie in directly to a hot water line, ie bathroom sink, while other bidets have their own mini heated water holding tank. The latter provides instant warmth as opposed to a slight delay from the hot water line method.

Extra Features

In this category, the more expensive dedicated bidet toilet seats tend to win out, as they often have more to offer than a simple nozzle. Some models of high-end bidet toilet seats have the ability to spray both cold and hot water. Others even have the ability to fan away unwanted scents. There even exist models with pre-programmed spray patterns giving a thorough and comfortable clean.


The bidet is basically a washbasin that performs a similar job as the toilet paper. It allows you to use a stream of water to clean your anal and genital area after using a toilet. Several studies pointed out the fact that the bidet seat is actually more hygienic to use than the toilet paper. Using one is very simple.

In the end, when choosing the best bidet toilet seat to suit your individual needs, consider what you are looking for. Do you want a simple cleaning nozzle to reduce toilet paper use or a new attachment that’ll give you the most comfort possible in the bathroom? Once you get your answer, you’ll be able to easily decide between a bidet toilet seat or a bidet toilet attachment. Looking for the best around? The TOTO SW2034 Elongated C100 Washlet is a great choice.

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