Best Boxing Shoes 2017

Boxing is a sport of speed, precision, power, awareness, and balance. To be successful, you must utilize each of these characteristics at the appropriate times. Failure to do so, even for a split-second, can result in immediate, crashing failure. For this reason, it’s important that you take all the precautions possible before stepping into the ring. Obviously weight and speed training are important. But what’s also important is the equipment you use. This is why all boxers need to invest in a pair of high-quality boxing shoes.

The best boxing shoes provide plenty or arch support while sacrificing nothing in the way of speed and agility. You would be very surprised at the improvement seen just by wearing solid, well-constructed boxing shoes.

Compare: The 10 Top Rated Boxing Shoes

1cleto-reyes-leather-high-top-boxing-shoes-2Cleto Reyes Leather High Top Boxing ShoesCleto Reyes$$$4.8
2ringside-undefeated-boxing-shoesRingside Undefeated Boxing ShoesRingside$$4.8
3rival-boxing-boots-low-topsRival Boxing Boots - Low TopsRival Boxing$$4.8
4reebok-boxing-bootReebok Boxing BootReebok$$4.7
5otomix-limited-edition-pro-boxer-mens-boxing-shoesOtomix Limited Edition Pro Boxer Men's Boxing ShoesOtomix$$4.6
6title-speed-flex-encore-mid-boxing-shoesTITLE Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing ShoesTitle Boxing$4.6
7ringside-diablo-boxing-shoesRingside Diablo Boxing ShoesRingside$$4.5
8ringside-ring-master-boxing-shoesRingside Ring Master Boxing ShoesRingside$4.5
9title-hi-top-boxing-bootsTITLE Hi-Top Boxing BootsTitle Boxing$4.5
10title-lo-top-boxing-shoesTITLE Lo-Top Boxing ShoesTitle Boxing$4.4

Our Boxing Shoe Reviews

TITLE High-Top Boxing Boots – Best Cheap

For a pair of boxing shoes in their price range, these TITLE High-top Boxing Boots are a phenomenal buy. Available in black, white, blue, and red, they allow you to match with your shorts and gloves. Constructed with synthetic leather and spandex, they’re flexible, breathable, and extremely lightweight, making them ridiculously easy to move around in. If you’re looking for a very solid pair of boxing shoes at a very affordable price, you should certainly take a look at these.


  • Very breathable
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Some durability concerns
  • Questionable arch support

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TITLE Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes – Best for the Money

Available in four different colors, including black, white, blue, and red, these TITLE boxing shoes offer high-end functionality at a low-end price. A mid-top shoe falling somewhere between traditional high-top boxing shoes and new-age low-top boxing shoes, they offer excellent ankle support while sacrificing nothing in the way of freedom and movement. A full synthetic leather exterior offers both superb flexibility and seamless ventilation. For their price, the TITLE Speed-Flex boxing shoes are the best boxing shoes on the market.


  • Very flexible
  • Excellent ankle and arch support
  • Superb ventilation and sweat absorption capabilities


  • They have no major flaws, but are also not the best boxing shoes on the market

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Cleto Reyes Leather High Top Boxing Shoes – Best Overall

While there are a number of great boxing shoes on the market, these Cleto Reyes shoes are, in our opinion, unquestionably the best boxing shoes around. High-top shoes with a genuine leather exterior, they combine superb flexibility with excellent breathability to create a shoe that is both comfortable and easy to move around in. With a polyurethane insole and a non-skid rubber outsole, they are extremely lightweight, and possess superb traction, providing you with great balance at all times. If you’re looking for the best boxing shoes on the market, look no further. These Cleto Reyes shoes are the ones you’re looking for.


  • Flexible as boxing shoes come
  • Superb traction and grip-ability
  • Fantastic arch and ankle support


  • They run about a size too big

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Our Top Rated Boxing Shoes


Best Overallcleto-reyes-leather-high-top-boxing-shoes

Best For The Money title-speed-flex-encore-mid-boxing-shoes

Best Cheap title-hi-top-boxing-boots

What Are Boxing Shoes?

Boxing shoes are like tennis shoes or cross trainers in a lot of ways as they are designed to be worn while partaking in physical activity. There are, however, a few differences between boxing shoes and cross trainers. For one, boxing shoes typically offer more ankle support.

Speed and agility are hugely important in the sport of boxing. To accommodate this, boxing shoes are made out of very lightweight materials that does not slow the boxer down. In addition, boxing shoes generally possess outsoles with a great deal of grip and traction.

What Are The Benefits of Boxing Shoes?

While you can certainly box in tennis shoes or cross trainers, there are a few benefits offered by boxing shoes that are not offered by other shoes. These benefits include increased agility and speed, better traction, and more ankle support.

It should also be noted that some gyms do not even allow boxers to wear anything other than boxing shoes. This is because tennis shoes, cross trainers, and other types of shoes are designed with outsoles that could potentially scuff up the ring floor.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Boxing Shoes

In many ways, boxing shoes are just like any other shoe. They should fit comfortably, and offer you excellent arch and heel support. There are, however, some other things to consider when purchasing boxing shoes. Available in low-top, mid-top, and high-top styles, each boxer has different preferences when it comes to his or her shoes. But if you’re buying boxing shoes for the first time, you should pay special attention to their material, their ability to vent heat, their comfort, and their traction.


Boxing shoes are made from a number of different materials, including leather, synthetic fabrics, and more. While each different boxer has his or her own personal preference for what type of material his or her shoes are made of, leather is typically the most flexible and comfortable material.


Boxing is a sport that requires you moving around on your feet for prolonged periods of time. Like any sport where this is necessary, your feet are going to generate a great deal of heat and sweat. It’s important that the shoes you wear allow that heat and sweat to be vented out as you’re training or fighting.


Regardless of what type of shoe you’re wearing, comfort is the absolute most important aspect to consider. You don’t want to be worried about foot pain while you’re trying to focus on not getting smashed in the face by a hard right hook.


They key to boxing is staying on your feet. It’s already difficult enough to do without worrying about foot traction. But if you’re trying to avoid punches the entire round while also constantly worrying about keeping your footing, things probably aren’t going to end well. This is why it’s important to make sure that your boxing shoes have excellent traction.


In boxing, mere milliseconds can be the difference between victory and defeat. A blink of the eyes. A drop of the hand. A misplacement of the feet. Any wrong move at the wrong time can result in your demise within the ring. To reduce the chance of making a wrong move, a pair of high-quality boxing shoes is a must.

Well-constructed and breathable shoes like the Cleto Reyes Leather High Top Boxing Shoes offer excellent arch and ankle support without sacrificing anything in the way of freedom and movement. Want to give yourself a fighting chance every time you go into the ring? Invest in a pair of boxing shoes.