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The modern kitchen has come a long way in the last fifty years. Touch controls and digital displays on modern electric ranges look like science fiction from half a century ago. As the modern kitchen further evolves, electric ranges continue as a staple appliance, getting families through normal meals and Thanksgiving feasts alike.

If you like to cook in your own kitchen, you know having the right tool is essential for a delicious meal. Whether you just want to make a simple grilled cheese sandwich and heat up some soup or you have to make a four-course dinner for your family, if you don’t have the right stove top, you just can’t get the job done right. Appliances are designed to keep your food cold, your dishes clean, and of course, to heat up and thoroughly cook your food so it’s safe to eat. This is why it’s important to make sure that you have a high-quality range to cook all of your favorite meals, as well as to experiment with new recipes.

Compare: The 10 Top Rated Electric Ranges

1GE PS950SFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Double Oven RangeGE$$$4.9
2LG LSE4613ST 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop RangeLG$$4.7
3Frigidaire FGIF3061NF Gallery 30" Stainless Steel Electric Induction RangeFrigidaire$$4.7
4Frigidaire FPES3085PF Professional Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop RangeFrigidaire$$$4.7
5Bosch HEI8054U 800 Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop RangeBosch$$$4.6
6SAMSUNG NE58H9970WS Slide-In Induction RangeSamsung$$$$4.6
7Frigidaire FFEF3048LS, 30 Inch Electric RangeFrigidaire$4.5
8Blomberg BERU24200SS Electric RangeBloomberg$$$4.5
9Frigidaire FGEF3055MF Gallery Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop RangeFrigidaire$4.5
10GE PHS920SFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Induction RangeGE$$$4.5

Our Electric Range Reviews

Frigidaire FGIF3061NF Gallery 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Induction Range – Best Cheap Electric Range

The fact of the matter is that electric ranges cost a pretty penny. Regardless of which one you purchase, you’re going to be laying down quite a bit of money. That being said, you can still find great electric ranges at relatively cheap prices. One of these is this range by Frigidaire.

Equipped with five different heating elements and sporting a 5.4 cu. foot oven, it can accommodate a bevy of cooking all at one time. With the ability to self-clean, it will always look its best, cutting down on total upkeep time. If you’re looking for a top-notch electric range at a decent price, this is definitely one you should look at.


  • Contains self-cleaning mechanism
  • Possesses five heating elements
  • Looks great in any kitchen


  • Its 5.4 cu. foot oven is smaller than seen in many other electric ranges

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LG LSE4613ST 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range – Best Electric Range for the Money

While this LG electric range isn’t the absolute best electric range on the market, it is certainly close. And the fact that it’s available for a downright reasonable price makes it all that more enticing.

Sporting five heating elements and equipped with a spacious 6.5 cu. foot oven, it can handle just about any amount of cooking you wish to throw at it. Possessing a self-cleaning mechanism, it is ridiculously easy to keep in working order. If you’re looking for a truly elite electric range at a decent price, this is the one for you.


  • Possesses five heating elements
  • Huge 6.5 cu. foot oven
  • Contains self-cleaning mechanism


  • No major cons to speak of

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GE PS950SFSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Double Oven Range – Best Electric Range Overall

Get a stove worthy of a commercial kitchen without the bulk and price tag with this attractive and functional model from GE. This slide-in range will look like it was custom made for your home, but all you have to do is slide it into place. The stainless steel and black glass design is very modern and will perfectly enhance any décor.

It doesn’t just look great, either – it cooks like a dream. You can enjoy many great features, including an easy to use touch control pad. You get five burners, two with adjustable sizes, for your stovetop cooking and two roomy ovens for baking. Other high-end features include a preset function to start cooking at a set time in the future, self-cleaning functions for both ovens three total racks, and convection features.


  • It looks great in any kitchen
  • It has plenty of cooking space
  • It comes backed with a warranty
  • It has nine total oven rack levels
  • The touchpad is easy to control
  • It’s easy to install
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s very simple to clean
  • Broiling features are available in both ovens
  • It has control locks for safety
  • It has a more custom look than freestanding ranges


  • It is expensive
  • The controls are easy to bump and turn off (or on) if not locked

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What Is An Electric Range?

An electric range (also known as an electric stove top) is a large kitchen appliance that is used to cook food in a variety of ways. Baking, boiling, broiling, and frying are just a few things you can do on a range.

An electric model is distinguished as such because it runs exclusively on electricity and not natural gas like gas ranges. All you have to do is plug it in, and it’s ready to use. A range has an over that can be used for baking and broiling, as well as a stove top that is used to boil, fry, and sauté. If you do any type of cooking in your home, a range is a necessity.

The flat surfaces on modern electric ranges makes a huge difference when preparing food. The smooth ceramic glass keeps cookware on a flat surface. While this requires you to use only flat-bottomed cookware, the glass doesn’t warp or bend pans the way crooked coils often do.

The best electric stoves have expandable burners that fit two elements in one. The smaller inner element usually ranges from 6 to 9 inches while the larger outer element ranges from 9 to 12 inches. These elements can accommodate large pots and pans without taking up lots of space on the compact surface.

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The wattage is generally higher on these models than electric coil ranges. Wattage indicates how quickly an element on the stove or oven heats up, not necessarily its temperature range. The higher the wattage, the faster the element reaches the heat level you want. Cooktops with a Power Boil element often produce over 3,000 watts to boil water, stock or sauces quickly. If you’re remodeling, you can also purchase standalone electric cooktops to install directly into a counter or island.

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Electric Range?

A stove in your kitchen is a necessity. Without a range, you will be unable to cook meals for yourself and your family. With these appliances, you can do everything from reheat leftovers to create a gourmet meal. Whether you have never cooked before or you consider yourself to be seasoned in the kitchen, this appliance is something that you must have in your kitchen.

How does this device work? As you turn the control switch on the device, the electricity flows to the coil and heats up the metal. You will know when the electricity is flowing to the metal coils at the top of the stove when they turn to a bright orange or red. The higher you adjust the controls, the more electricity goes to the metal coils, thus getting hotter and hotter. It may take a while for the coils to cool down.

It is a great option when you are concerned about the safety of your home or even your kids. It does not emit any gas that might be hazardous to one’s health. It also does not have an open flame that can be pretty dangerous when exposed to other common flammable materials in your home. Easy to install, all you have to do is plug it in and start using it, unlike the gas range that requires careful connection to a gas source. It is very easy to clean up too. This makes it very low maintenance and extremely easy to use.

What Are The Different Types of Electric Ranges?

If you’ve moved into a home without appliances or you’re replacing an outdated range, you need to know what to look for in order to make sure you make the right purchase. Since ranges are investments that you should plan on owning for many years, it’s best to purchase one that will best fit your needs. The first step to picking out your new range is learning about the different types to determine which one will best fit your home.

  • Economy Ranges – These ranges are the most inexpensive. They may be equipped with a timer and easy to use controls, but for the most part, they have a no-frills design. These have burner elements that stock out from the top of the range.
  • Smooth Top Range – These ranges have a smooth ceramic top that is perfectly flat. The heating elements are located under the ceramic top. While these are more expensive, many love the more modern and streamlined look they provide.
  • Freestanding Range – A freestanding range may have a smooth top, or it may have external burners. These are appliances that you can simply plug in and slide into place, although many people install a bracket that prevents it from tipping over.
  • Slide-In Range – Freestanding models have a backguard, but slide-in models do not. This allows you to create a seamless look in your kitchen and add your own backsplash to the wall for a more customized look.
  • Range With Double Ovens – Most ranges only have one oven, but some are equipped with two that allow you to set separate times and temperatures if you are baking multiple dishes.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Electric Range

An appliance is a big investment for your home, so you want to make sure you get your purchase right the first time. Before you just plop down money on the first range you see, make sure you know what you’re getting ready to buy. A little research goes a long way, and the following four points can easily help narrow down your decision.


Even the most basic ranges come with a price tag of several hundred dollars. More advanced, modern ranges may cost several thousand dollars depending upon the size, features, and brand. Before you begin shopping, set a budget for yourself. Make sure you also take into consideration the features you absolutely must have on your new appliance, and consider how much extra these may cost.

Number of Elements and Ovens

Most ranges come with four elements and one large oven. However, if you frequently cook larger meals, you might want to invest extra money in a dual-oven model that has more elements.


If you have a backsplash that you don’t want to cover, a slide-in range will best fit your needs. If you don’t have a backsplash and don’t want to install one, look for a freestanding range.


Since you will be paying quite a bit of money for your range, you don’t want a defective product. Make sure any appliance you want to purchase comes backed with a manufacturer’s warranty.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, so they say. This is where families can bond together and prepare delicious food to eat together. Thus, the perfect electric range is a must have. These devices not only make the cooking or baking process easier but also helps in preparing the delicious and hearty food your family loves. Buying it may be the best investment you can get for your family.

If you’re sick of going out to eat and want to cook delicious meals in your own kitchen, a new electric range is all you need to get started. If you want performance, durability, multiple features, plenty of space for cooking and baking, and an attractive design, the GE PS950SFSS is an appliance that will upgrade the look of your kitchen and assist you in cooking the best meals for years to come.