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A woman’s eyes are one of her best beauty features, so be sure to treat your eyes with the best eye shadow palettes out there! Whether you’re gazing into the eyes of someone you love or maintaining eye contact during a job interview, your eyes are certainly one of your most standout facial features.

Whether you have light blue eyes, dark brown eyes, or wear brightly colored contacts, there is a way that you can make your eyes stand out even more, and that is with a fabulous shade of eyeshadow. If you really want a great selection of beautiful colors, an eyeshadow palette is something you need in your collection.

Compare: The 10 Top Rated Eyeshadow Palettes

1LORAC PRO PaletteLORAC$$$$4.9
2Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Eye Shadow PaletteCoastal Scents$$$4.8
3Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow PaletteMaybeline New York$4.7
4Urparcel 120 Colours Eyeshadow Eye Shadow PaletteUrparcel$$4.6
5W7 - 'In The Buff' Natural Nudes Eye Colour PaletteW7$4.5
6Technic Mega Nudes 12 Colour Eyeshadow PaletteTechnic$4.5
7L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics Colour Riche La PaletteL'Oreal$$4.6
8REVLON Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow QuadRevlon$4.5
9theBalm NUDE 'dude Eyeshadow PalettetheBalm$$$4.6
10e.l.f. Prism Eyeshadow, Nakede.l.f. Cosmetics$$4.6

Our Eyeshadow Palette Reviews

Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette – Best Cheap Eyeshadow Palette

Great makeup doesn’t have to drain your bank account, and this palette from Maybelline is a top-seller because it provides you with 12 great colors at an excellent price. This palette is packed with nude colors that are flattering for any skin tone and can be used for natural looks, as well as more extreme styles. Wake up tired eyes with a pop of gold before you head to the office or perfect the smokey eye for date night with this one palette.

This palette has a combination of matte and shimmer colors, and the shadows can be used as liners or brow fillers to really make your eyes pop. The colors glide on smoothly, and it comes with a sponge applicator for your on-the-go touchups.


  • It is very affordable
  • The colors are flattering for all skin tones
  • It has contouring, crease, and highlight colors that complement each other perfectly
  • The slim design is very portable and fits easily in a purse


  • They aren’t as pigmented as more expensive products, so you have to build quite a bit to get the desired effect
  • They are more difficult to blend that higher quality shadows
  • It creases after a long time of wearing, even with a primer

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Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette – Best Eyeshadow Palette for the Money

“What look do I want to try today?” will be the question you ask yourself daily when you pull out the Ultimate Palette. Whether you want to keep it subtle or blow them away with the most modern look, this stocked palette comes with everything you need to achieve hundreds of different looks.

This palette has three trays that have a total of 252 colors. You’ll get an excellent combo of shimmery and matte shades, and the color palette ranges from neutral to over-the-top. These shadows are pigmented enough to be used dry without having to build on the color, or you can turn up your look a notch by applying it wet. It glides on smoothly and provides exceptional color and staying power, especially when paired with a primer, which is sold separately.


  • It have over 200 shades to choose from
  • The colors are very pigmented, providing you with plenty of color without having to apply it multiple times
  • The colors are easy to blend
  • The palette is very portable
  • It is extremely affordable
  • The colors work with all skin tones
  • The color goes on smoothly
  • A little bit goes a long way


  • The shadows are very powdery when not used with water or a primer
  • The swatches are small, although they are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way

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LORAC PRO Palette – Best Eyeshadow Palette Overall

Get a top-selling kit that makeup artists everywhere bring with them to photo shoots and other locations when you select this kit from LORAC. You’ll have your choice from 16 matte and shimmery shades to recreate some of the top looks today or create your own unique look with ease.

Each color is highly pigmented, so you don’t have to worry about piling on the color. They blend very easily, and they are more resistant to creasing than cheaper shadows. This kit comes with a miniature primer that helps prevent creasing and really makes the colors pop when applied to your lids.

The shades aren’t just for your eyelids, though. You can use these shadows as highlighters, liners, or brow fillers. They can be used wet or dry depending on the type of look that you wish to achieve, whether it’s natural or completely dramatic.


  • It has a great selection of 16 shades
  • They can be used as shadows, liners, or brow fillers
  • They can be used wet or dry
  • They are highly pigmented
  • They come with a high-quality primer
  • They don’t crease as easily as less expensive shadows
  • They look great on all skin tones


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Using too much will result in difficult blending, which can make colors look muddy

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What Is An Eyeshadow Palette?

An eyeshadow palette is a cosmetics compact that has different colors of eyeshadow. Typically, a palette consists of powdered shadows, although some palettes contain cream shadows. Each color is separated in its own compartment to keep the colors from blending together. They are designed so it’s easy to put a brush or sponge applicator into each color and apply it to the eyelids. A palette may come with anywhere from a few complementary colors or hundreds of colors in all shades of the rainbow.

These products may come in warm tones, cool tones, or a combination of the two to complement a variety of skin tones from very fair to dark. Some palettes come equipped with brushes, sponges, and a mirror, so you can make your eyes pop whether you’re at home or on the go.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning An Eyeshadow Palette?

There are few beauty products that look prettier on our vanities and makeup counters than eye shadow palettes. The sleek packaging, the assortment of pretty matte colors and shimmery shades — a good eye shadow palette is like an artist’s palette of paints, but better, because, well, eye shadow.

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Every great eye shadow palette has a few key characteristics. First, the best eye shadow palettes feature elegant, display-worthy packaging — something you don’t necessarily get with a single eye shadow. They also offer a selection of shades that perfectly complement one another, but still allow you to create a range of looks that take you from day to night.

If you wear makeup, one of these products is a must-have for your cosmetic bag. Palettes provide you with plenty of color options to enhance your outfit and dress up your look for day or evening. Most palettes come with a variety of colors that look great when worn together, from a medium shade that goes on the lid to a darker complementary shade that enhances the crease, to a brighter highlight shade that goes under the brow bone.

A palette can help you create a variety of looks, from soft and subtle for everyday wear to bold and bright for a formal event.

What Are The Different Types of Eyeshadow Palettes?

If you want to create a more professional look for the office or a romantic look for a night out on the town, you can’t do it without a great set of eyeshadows. Before you make your purchase, decide which product best fits your needs and personal style. Below are the different types of colors available for your eyeshadow palette.

  • Neutral – These are filled with neutral colors like browns, golds, silvers, grays, whites, and blacks. These are best for a more natural look, or you can glam it up by creating a great smokey eye look for night.
  • Matte – These consist of shadows that are matte, meaning they have no shimmer. These are great if you don’t want any sparkle or shine in your makeup look.
  • Shimmer – These colors have a little bit of sparkle for when you really want to create a fun look with your makeup.
  • Customizable Palettes – Most palettes come with colors already in place, but with a customizable palette, you can select your own colors. Each pan of eyeshadow magnetically attaches in place so its secure for traveling in your suitcase or purse.

There are many different types of eyeshadows on the market today. Not just different colors but different forms of eyeshadow as well.  It may be confusing to try and figure out what type of eye shadow you prefer with so many choices available.  We have outlined the most common forms of eye shadow that you will encounter.

  • Powder Form – Powder eyeshadow palettes are very versatile and can be applied wet or dry. They can even be used as eyeliner with the proper brush and are very easy to apply.
  • Pencil – If you are looking for detail, then you will love pencil eyeshadow palettes. They are very good for creating the popular “smudge” effect.
  • Cream – Cream eyeshadow palettes can be difficult to use because they smudge very easily. If you already have oily skin or you have never worn eyeshadow before, you may want to avoid cream eyeshadows for one of the other choices.
  • Gel – This type of eyeshadow is great for those with excessively oily skin. It is very long-lasting and doesn’t usually have to be reapplied during the day or evening once you have applied it.
  • Mouse – This type of eyeshadow combines gel and powder but feels like cream eyeshadow.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Eyeshadow Palette

Instead of just dropping money on a palette that will sit in your bathroom unused. You want to add a product that you can stow in your makeup case that will get plenty of use. Since there are thousands of brands and colors to choose from, you might have difficulty making the right choice. The best way to narrow down your selection is by evaluating each product by looking at the most important features, like the details listed below.


The price of the palette can range anywhere from around $10 up to close to $100 or even more for a special limited edition product from a high-end brand. If you’re on a budget and want to save, look for a more affordable product. However, keep in mind that the quality of the cosmetics may not be as good as higher priced items from well-known brands.

Number of Colors

The idea of a palette is to give you versatility. If you’re looking to achieve just one look, a few colors is fine. However, if you want to pull off all of the latest styles seen in fashion magazines, you want a wide range of colors available to you.

Color Choices

You want to select colors that are flattering to your skin tone and match your personal style, especially if you’re shopping for a smaller palette with a fewer number of colors. Neutrals work for everyone, but if you want to stand out, choose a palette with an assortment of trendier, brighter colors.

Included Extras

If you plan to put your palette in your purse for application on the go, look for one with a built-in mirror. Other extras include sponge applicators and brushes that allow you to apply the colors with ease.


So many makeup lines carry eyeshadow palettes and with so many to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow it down. Things to take into consideration?  Coordinating shades of neutrals, a smokey eye all in one place…to shimmer, or not to shimmer…and staying power with great color payoff. Every girl has to have a great eyeshadow palette to really look her best for every occasion. These palettes allow you to enhance your natural beauty, as well as experiment with the latest trendy looks. If you really want quality, the LORAC PRO Palette is a choice you won’t regret. Even though it is more expensive than other palettes, the selection of colors, blendability, and pigment let you completely transform your look with just a few strokes of your makeup brush.

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