Best Facebook Advertising Agencies

RankAgencyWebsiteLocationMin Project SizeRating
1Voy MediaVoy MediaNew York, NY$2,000+5 out of 5 stars
2OrionCKBOrionCKBWalpole, Massachusetts$15,000+4.5 out of 5 stars
3VisifyVisifyNew York, NY$10,000+4 out of 5 stars
4Social Fire MediaSocial Fire MediaPhiladelphia, PA$5,000+4 out of 5 stars
5Disruptive AdvertisingDisruptive AdvertisingLindon, Utah$15,000+3.5 out of 5 stars

Voy Media

Arguably one of the more well-known agencies in the niche, Voy Media specializes in offering social media paid advertising services as well as audience research consultations. Founded in 2015 by Kevin Urrutia and Wilson Lin, Voy Media has worked for years to refine and develop their process which has allowed them to generate huge ROI for their clients.

Unlike many companies which offer a broad plethora of services and products, Voy Media is focused on becoming the best paid advertising service in the world which allows them to employ a staff of specialists. While larger broad agencies can be incredible too, boutique groups with specialized employees and processes are typically more effective.

Rather than worrying about getting to your audience as quickly as possible, Voy Media takes a big brand approach. First, they have a desire to tell a story. Secondly, they make an effort to get in front of potential customers to spread brand awareness before they jump in and try to make the final sale.

Voy Media works with companies both large and small, with plans available for those working with as little as $2,000 of advertising spend on Facebook each month. Depending on how much you are spending on Facebook they charge between 10% and 20% of your spend as their commission for managing current campaigns and developing new ones.

For this price you’ll receive a dedicated account manager and an experienced team who can handle researching new ads, audience retargeting, creative creation, ad copywriting and overall strategy. A completely hands-off approach, it allows you as a business owner to worry about running your firm while the experts handle marketing it on social media.


  • Experienced and professional team
  • No setup fee
  • Full-service Facebook advertising agency
  • Excellent communication


  • Fewer staff members than a large agencies
  • Somewhat reliant on co-founders


OrionCKB is located in Massachusetts and has for many years been considered one of the premier advertising agencies in the state. Recently they joined forces with Elite SEM, perhaps the most recognizable name in digital paid advertising, giving them more resources than ever before to get the job done.

OrionCKB typically offers a hands-off solution to Facebook and Instagram advertising for medium and enterprise level clients who need the most experienced people working on their problems. With a data-driven approach to marketing, OrionCKB is a great solution for grinding out potential cost savings and even potentially boosting the ROI of your current advertising campaigns.

In the past, they’ve worked with companies such as Hallmark eCards and Zipcar, both of which operate in extremely competitive markets. Despite this, OrionCKB has managed to deliver fantastic results for them time and time again, while working with their in-house teams seamlessly to create a powerhouse team that works in unison towards a single goal.


  • Huge resources
  • Experienced team members
  • Absolute focus on ROI
  • Not afraid to try new ideas


  • Now part of a large corporate brand
  • High ad spend requirement


Based out of New York City, Visify opened their doors in 2013 to their first customers and had since been working with larger high-paying clients to bring in continual business each month for their clients. As a boutique agency with a greater focus on paid social media advertising, they have a niche team of experts who optimize for conversions not eyeballs.

While some larger agencies focus on spreading brand awareness, undoubtedly an important tactic for national brands, SMB’s need to put all of their attention into generating conversions and an ROI that will allow them to grow. Visify understands that, making them a potentially great choice for a small to medium-sized business which is turning to Facebook ads to bring in new high-paying customers.

According to their testimonials, their clients believe that they can rely on them to consistently deliver results, with one claiming that because of Visify they had their highest grossing day ever.


  • Clear focus on ROI
  • Dedicated and experienced team
  • Niche and boutique agency
  • Multiple packages to choose from


  • Require 250k revenue to work with them
  • Minimum 3-month commitment

Social Fire Media

Based out of Philadelphia, Social Fire Media was voted as one of the best advertising agencies in the city and also has an incredible social media blog that has also won awards. Although they offer far more than Facebook advertising management, it does appear to be their bread and butter, which is fantastic for a business owner like yourself who is focused on this method of traffic generation.

Choosing never to charge setup fees, they have competitive pricing and pride themselves on customer service. According to Larry Goodman, a customer of theirs, Social Fire Media not only prevented them from going out of business but has since allowed them to expand and open new locations. Social Fire Media is capable of driving new customers to a businesses (digital) doorstep!


  • No setup fee
  • Focus on customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Deliver results


  • Less staff and resources than larger agencies
  • Not specialized in Facebook advertising

Disruptive Advertising

The most impressive thing about Disruptive Advertising, from the perspective of a business looking to hire for Facebook advertising services, is their focus on paid ads. They don’t appear to offer a wide range of other services like other companies. Instead, they are hyper-focused on offering the best paid advertising services possible for both social media and search ads.

Having worked with brands like VWO, Lids, Fandango and Guitar Center, Disruptive has an impressive resume that includes boosting clients ROI and driving down the cost of acquisition. Disruptive tries to separate themselves from the crowd by recognizing that Facebook advertising isn’t set-and-forget, they promise to offer continual testing to squeeze out every drop of revenue possible.

For clients who are operating in businesses with thin margins, this is particularly important because a 5% decrease in the cost of customer acquisition can be the difference between a loss and a substantial profit.


  • Hyper-focused on paid advertising
  • Dedicated to driving greater ROI
  • Offer audit services


  • Lack of price transparency
  • Offer software on the side

Facebook advertising is one of the fastest growing marketing avenues in the world, and for a good reason, it can produce an incredible ROI even for small and medium-sized businesses. But managing those advertising campaigns isn’t simple, and without the proper expertise and experience, you’re more likely to waste money than make it.

The solution is to hire an experienced agency who can not only handle your current campaigns for you but also optimize them and create new ads which may perform better. With millions of data points, these companies have a tremendous insight into what works and what doesn’t, preventing you from wasting money and all but ensuring a positive ROI.

How to Choose a Facebook Advertising Agency

Unfortunately, choosing an agency isn’t easy either. With tens of thousands of options to choose from you can get overwhelmed, especially when you’re unsure what you should be looking for. The differences between many agencies are seemingly minuscule, but in reality, some are far better than others. Let’s take a look a look at how you can sift through a list of agencies quickly.

Looking for Red Flags

While it’s a little pessimistic, it’s far more efficient to look for red flags than it is to look at the benefits of each company and then to compare them. In some cases, you’ll quickly see red flags which will tip you off to the idea that maybe a particular agency isn’t the best fit for your business.

Common red flags can include a lack of contact information, low-quality websites, poor copywriting, spelling mistakes, inactive social media accounts and poor communication. A lack of contact information, for example, could suggest that they don’t want to be contacted because they lack the admin staff to handle these emails and calls. That’s not who you want to work with!

By taking a quick glance at the websites of the agencies that you’re considering you can spot issues like these which can rule out some businesses, leaving you with a smaller list to compare. In some cases, these issues might be relatively minor, but when you’re choosing from a large bunch, it’s reasonable to be incredibly strict and picky.

Comparing Previous Work

Now that you have a much shorter list to work through it’s more manageable to go to their websites and compare the work that they have done, their pricing and the communication of the employees. In most cases, but not all, agencies will have either testimonial on their website or examples of previous work that they have done.

Reading these case studies and testimonials in depth will give you tremendous insight into what the company is capable of, how experienced their staff is and the efficiency of their communication. Undoubtedly, these are going to be heavily biased because no agency would share negative reviews, which is why you should also look at Yelp and other review sites.

Most medium to large sized agencies will have tons of reviews, many of which are detailed and specific, giving you an opening into the mind of a previous customer. With thousands of Facebook advertising agencies to choose from you can afford to be stringent, meaning that any business with less than 4-stars can be quickly wiped from your list, especially if the reviews seem realistic.

Reading through these reviews can do more for you than just giving you information about the agency in question, they can also educate you on what to look for when you’re hiring and where the common pitfalls are afterward. This information is invaluable and can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of working hours down the road.

Getting a Quote

With all of this information in hand and a considerably shorter list of prospects, it’s time to look at quotes. Money is important, of course, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor unless you are working with an extremely tight budget. The reason for this is because the vast majority of firms work on close prices, typically only a few percent out from each other.

However, the difference in quality between them can be drastic. Those agencies that rely primarily on junior staff to manage even their most important client’s campaigns can be risky, while more reputable businesses use senior staff for strategy and regular checks on campaigns.

At the end of the day, as a business owner the most important thing is your ROI and given that the costs only vary very slightly while the outcome can be drastically different, the cost is less important while quality is key.

Comparing Communication

When you’re getting a quote from an agency and going back and forth via email or phone, noting their professionalism and speed of communication is worth the effort. Should something go wrong with one of your advertising campaigns, you need to be able to get in touch with a professional service member quickly, rather than waiting days for a brief and unhelpful response.

This factor is especially important for medium to enterprise businesses who often have internal marketing teams which will be integrated with the agency to form a successful partnership. If the agency and their employees are unresponsive and only available at specific times, it’s going to be nearly impossible to lead successful campaigns without massive amounts of discomfort.

Why Should You Hire an Agency?

A common question that businesses ask when they’re searching for a solution to their paid advertising is whether or not they need to hire an agency for their Facebook ad campaigns. Alternatively, these businesses could bring in in-house staff to work on the problem or hire a freelancer who could focus on the campaign.

However, for most businesses an agency is the best solution. Time is money and the professionalism and experience that a large company can offer you are incomparable to what you can achieve with a single member of staff either in-house or freelance. While an agency might be more expensive, you save considerable amounts of time and may even experience better results with them.


When it comes to paid advertising, Facebook is starting to peel away from the competition. Not only does it allow you to target specific demographics in incredible detail, but the cost of advertising on Facebook is relatively low when compared to Google AdWords and other options. For this reason, it’s the go-to option for small, medium and enterprise level companies.

But managing campaigns yourself is a drag, which is why many brands choose to outsource the process to an agency. In this article, we’ve looked at how you can hire by looking for red flags and comparing previous work, as well as recommending five agencies that stand-out against the rest.

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