Best Mechanics Tool Set 2017

Working on your own auto repair is a great way to save time and money. In addition, knowing the inner workings of your own vehicle improves dramatically when you understand how everything works together. But to do this valuable work, you need to have a good mechanics tool set to assure your maintenance and repairs will go smoothly.

Having the best mechanic tool set can be quite challenging due to the unlimited choices you’ll find. This is more so if you intend to buy wrench and socket sets bit by bit, making it a hassle and eventually find yourself without the proper tools to get your job done. So, it is a wise decision to go for the kits or sets, offering virtually all the necessary tools possible.

This guide will help you understand what you should look for in a good mechanics tool set no matter what your car repair needs. Here are the top ten mechanics tool sets on the market today.

Compare: The 10 Top Rated Mechanics Tool Sets

1crescent-ctk170cmp2-mechanics-tool-setCrescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set, 170-PieceApex Tool Group$$4.4
2stanley-stmt73795-mixed-tool-setStanley STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set, 210-PieceStanley$$4.9
3yaheetech-tool-setYaheetech Tool Set (599PCS)/a>Yaheetech$$4.2
4stanley-stmt71654-201-piece-mechanics-tool-setStanley STMT71654 201-Piece Mechanics Tool SetStanley$4.9
5performance-tool-w1069-polished-combo-wrench-setPerformance Tool W1069 Polished Combo Wrench Set, 22-PiecePerformance Tool$4.6
6custom-accessories-83947-automotive-mechanics-tool-setCustom Accessories 83947 Automotive Mechanic's Tool Set - 150 PieceCustom Accessories$4.1
7workpro-w009028a-229-piece-mechanic-tool-kitWorkPro W009028A 229-Piece Mechanic Tool KitWorkPro$$$4.8
8apollo-precision-tools-dt6803Apollo Precision Tools DT6803 297 Piece Mechanics Tool KitApollo$$$4.3
9workpro-w009037a-322-piece-tool-kitWorkPro W009037A 322-Piece Tool KitWorkPro$$$4.4
10dewalt-dwmt75049-mechanics-tools-setDEWALT DWMT75049 Mechanics Tools Set (192 Piece)DeWalt$$$$4.0

Our Mechanics Tool Set Reviews

Performance Tool W1069 Tool Set – Best Cheap Mechanics Tool Set

This is a great basic mechanics tool set for someone who wants to be able to do quick jobs without a lot of fuss.


These combination wrenches come in both SAE and metric sizes, so you are likely to find the corrects size for your repairs. The carrying case easily fits in your trunk and is designed to keep each wrench both visible and secure. The low price means you don’t have to spend much money to be able to work on your own car.


This set offers the bare minimum, so you will likely be able to do only the most basic repairs. If you already have other tools, such as pliers and screwdrivers handy, then this set could definitely round out your car repair tools.

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Stanley STMT71654 201-Piece Mechanics Tool Set – Best Mechanics Tool Set for the Money

Stanley is known for quality and innovative designs.


These tools are ergonomically designed for less strain on your wrist. The added thumb-operated reverse switch saves you the aggravation of having to reset and operate the ratchet. Both SAE and metric sockets and drive tools are included in a complete size range. The Stanley design has an answer to securing fasteners with rounded corners, and this same design prevents wear on fasteners without compromising on security.


The case itself is pretty secure and can be difficult to open. The pieces inside are also so snug that you might need a flat head screwdriver to pry them out. On the plus side, you won’t be losing these tools.

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WorkPro W009028A 229-Piece Mechanic Tool Kit – Best Mechanics Tool Set Overall

The WorkPro is a great buy due to its versatility and comprehensive array of tools.


This is an intuitive set that anticipates all your potential needs for car maintenance. It carries way beyond the standard tools in a mechanics tool set, even going as far as including a mini hack-saw. The tools are constructed of Cr-V (chrome vanadium) which increases their durability. The addition of an adjustable wrench assures that any bolt that’s slightly off size due to wear and tear can still be handled well.


While the carrying-case is durable, the drawers need to lined up just right to slide in. Use caution to prevent the drawers from jamming.

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Our Top Rated Mechanics Tool Sets


Best Overallworkpro-w009028a-229-piece-mechanic-tool-kit
Best For The Money stanley-stmt71654-201-piece-mechanics-tool-set

Best Cheap performance-tool-w1069-polished-combo-wrench-set

What Is A Mechanics Tool Set?

A mechanics tool set is a collection of tools to help you make most, if not all of your car repair needs. A good mechanics tool set comes in its own carrying case which means you will have a designated place for every single tool to keep you organized in a way that makes total sense.

Mechanics tool sets come in a range of sizes. With a basic set, you can manage most common repairs, such as changing your oil or replacing spark plugs. With more sophisticated sets you can have the auxiliary items you need on hand, such as tools to cut wires or to unscrew tricky connectors.

The Standard of Automotive Engineering (SAE) is a measurement system that all auto makers comply to. You will find tools that meet this standard in the mechanics tool sets available today. In addition, most sets include metric versions of the tools to comply with the design and characteristics of foreign cars.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning A Mechanics Tool Set?

Whether you are skilled at basic car repair or have a complete working knowledge of the intricacies of automotive engines, having your own set of tools specifically for mechanics saves you time and money. Purchasing these items individually as you need them will cost many times more what you can pay for a complete set.

Even if you aren’t mechanically inclined yourself, having a set of mechanics tools in the trunk of your car can be to your advantage. A good mechanics tool set might be just the thing someone offering assistance would need to help get you back on your way if you end up getting stuck on the side of the road.

Finally, having your own mechanics tool set will give you that edge if you are learning automotive repair. Instead of borrowing what you need, you can become familiar with your own set as you develop your skills and gain vital knowledge.

What Are The Different Types Of Mechanics Tool Sets?

Basically, mechanics tool sets come in different levels of complexity. A basic bare bones package includes combination wrenches which feature a closed end on one end of the wrench and an open end on the other. A basic set is useful for most car brands, regardless of a vehicle’s nation of origin.

Moving up the scale of available mechanics tool sets you will find additional types of tools included. Drive tools, such as screwdrivers, extenders, and socket wrenches can help you tackle bigger jobs.

Finally, the comprehensive mechanics tool sets include a wide variety of items you may need for specialized jobs, such as wire cutters, pliers, cable extenders, and clips.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Mechanics Tool Sets

If you have decided that a mechanics tool set is something you want to add to your collection of tools, it’s important that you know about the product your purchase before you invest your money. Now that you know about the different types and a few brands on the market, it’s time to really look at the fine details to see what makes each tool set different, so you won’t waste time picking a set that just doesn’t work for you. These features are a great jumping-off point for picking your new tool.


Purchasing a mechanics tool set means you are making an investment. The best way to protect that investment is to select a product that has a viable warranty. You want to protect against any damage, whether that be in the quality of construction or the function of the tool. Look for a warranty that covers you for a reasonable period of time. Some mechanics tool sets come with a lifetime warranty. Be sure you register your product after purchase to establish your warranty rights.


Nobody wants a tool that breaks while you’re working. Look for a mechanics tool set that offers high quality construction in steel and alloyed materials. In addition, look for handles and connectors that are built to last. A tool that fits into your hand in such a way that you do not have to strain so hard to use it adds to a tool’s durability and function. Lastly, since your mechanics tool set may spend time in the car or in an out-building such as a shop or garage, make sure you select a set that won’t be impacted by heat and cold.

Ratchet Tooth

The ratchet tooth plays a crucial role throughout your decision-making. Keep in mind that when there is more ratchet teeth, less swing will be needed. To simplify, there will be fewer degrees of rotation having more ratchet teeth. This feature allows you to move one-click, hence, a very handy design in tight spaces.

A good mechanic tool set should offer such feature, providing ease-of-use for every user. While the gear mechanism within the ratchet head might be easy to ignore, the tooth count in the inner gear is critical, contributing to the convenience of the entire tool. More and smaller teeth also allow shorter backswing in tight spaces where there is no ample room for the next bite on the bolt or nut.

Consequently, fine-tooth ratchets feature less internal resistance, having less capacity to unscrew a loose bolt or nut in terms of the return stroke. The ratchet tooth count also varies from one brand to the other, such as in a 3/8-inch drive with 36 to 72 teeth. A ratchet with the finest teeth requires only a 5-degree of movement, while the coarsest ratchet may require a 10-degree motion.


A mechanics tool set that allows you to tackle just about any auto repair or maintenance task will be a friend for life. Look for a set that provides all you need in one spot so you don’t waste time searching through drawers for that one special tool you need to get the job done. Also, consider the benefit of replaceable extenders and connectors so that you can reach any spot. With auto engines growing more compact, getting the right angle to reach the deepest areas can be troublesome. The versatility you can gain with a comprehensive mechanics tool set will give you the advantage in servicing your engine.

Case Construction and Organization

The case or housing of the tools is equally as important as its contents. Bear in mind that this serves as the storage area to organize the bits and pieces, plus a protective gear when the tools are not in use. Keep an eye on the case construction as you shop for mechanics tool sets. Most brands today offer plastic cases with snaps, draw-bolt latches, and hinges, even hinges with pins to hold up better and keep the case locked up securely. A well-engineered case will not only allow you to carry the housing conveniently, but also store and remove the bits and pieces effortlessly. Staying organized saves you time and aggravation, so pick a mechanics tool set that takes care of this work for you.


Being able to do your own auto repair can save you precious time and money. If you have the right set of tools, you can make progress more quickly. Over and above, a small mechanic tool set comes in handy and perhaps the best way to go if you’re faced by small and large projects. Simple tools do not always help in accomplishing tasks around the house, especially in industrial spaces.

A good mechanics tool set, such as the WorkPro W009028A 229-Piece Mechanic Tool Kit, will help you stay organized and productive by supplying the tools you need for any auto maintenance or repair. With a variety of options available to you, you can find a mechanics tool set that will meet your level of expertise. Whether you are just starting out as a “do it yourself” weekend warrior or if you are a well-seasoned mechanic, the right mechanics tool set is out there for you.