Best Pet Odor Eliminator 2017

Some of the best things in life are pets. We enjoy their quirks and antics, and we love them for the love they show us. But as much as they love us, they do make mistakes sometimes. Maybe they’re threatened by a new addition to your household, and they mark their territory on your bed. Or maybe they get really excited and accidentally urinate on the carpet.

In these situations, you’re going to need the best pet odor eliminator around to clean up the mess and ensure that you’re not constantly reminded of the incident by any leftover smells.

Compare: The 10 Top Rated Pet Odor Eliminators

1ruff-natural-plant-based-pet-stain-remover-odor-eliminator-2RUFF Natural Plant Based Pet Stain Remover & Odor EliminatorRUFF$$$4.9
2oxgord-organic-pet-stain-odor-removerOxGord Organic Pet Stain & Odor RemoverOxGord$4.8
3febreze-fabric-refresher-pet-odor-eliminatorFebreze Fabric Refresher Pet Odor EliminatorFebreze$4.6
4sunny-honey-professional-pet-stain-and-odor-eliminatorSunny & Honey Professional Pet Stain and Odor EliminatorSunny & Honey$$4.6
5bubbas-pet-stain-odor-terminatorBubba’s Pet Stain & Odor TerminatorBubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Supply Company$$4.6
6angry-orange-industrial-strength-pet-odor-removerAngry Orange Industrial Strength Pet Odor RemoverAngry Orange$$4.5
7rocco-roxie-professional-strength-stain-odor-eliminatorRocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor EliminatorRocco & Roxie Supply Co$$4.5
8zero-odor-pet-odor-eliminatorZero Odor Pet Odor EliminatorZero Odor$4.5
9amazing-solutions-pet-stain-odor-removerAmaziing Solutions Pet Stain & Odor RemoverAmaziing Solutions$$4.5
Premium Pet Odor Eliminator & Urine Remover
Emmy's Best$$$4.4

Our Pet Odor Eliminator Reviews

Best Cheap Brand – Febreze Fabric Refresher Pet Odor Eliminator

This is the best pet odor eliminator to use when you want to generally remove pet odors in your home. It smells pleasant and can be applied to all kinds of fabrics, giving your entire house a fresh, clean scent that will have your house guests thinking a pet has never lived there.


Extremely inexpensive. Very easy to use, just spray in a sweeping motion. Works best on urine smells. Lingering scent is light and not overwhelming.


Not really for use on specific spots—more of a general odor eliminator. Also not a stain remover and will not help prevent accidents in the same place.


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Best for the Money – OxGord Organic Pet Stain & Odor Remover

If you’re looking to eradicate stains as well as smells, and are looking for an organic way to do so, look no further than this pet odor eliminator. And for not being one of the most expensive ones on the market, it’s surprisingly effective. Its very recent release may have something to do with this good value, but reviewers are already raving about its quality and how it’s finally destroyed their old stains and smells.


Easy-to-use spray. All-natural formula and pleasant scent. Also removes stains. May help retrain pets by discouraging them from going in the same place again.


Can only be used on furniture, bedding, carpets, and rugs, so no hard floors. On the pricier side.

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Best Overall – RUFF Natural Plant Based Pet Stain Remover & Odor Eliminator

All-around, this is the best pet odor eliminator on the market today. It’s powerful and long-lasting. It’s worked where no other stain or odor removers have. It can be used practically anywhere and even works on stains and odors not caused by pets, all the while leaving behind a scent that is refreshing and easy on the nose.


Easy-to-use spray. Plant-based natural solution. Works on all surfaces, from upholstery to hardwood floors. Removes both stains and odors. Comes with an e-book to help you with all your pet and odor problems. Helps prevent re-marking.


One of the most expensive products on the market. Not exactly sure what the actual ingredients in the formula are.

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Our Top Rated Pet Odor Eliminators


Best Overallruff-natural-plant-based-pet-stain-remover-odor-eliminator-2

Best For The Money oxgord-organic-pet-stain-odor-remover

Best Cheap febreze-fabric-refresher-pet-odor-eliminator

What Is A Pet Odor Eliminator?

A pet odor eliminator is just what it sounds like; it’s a chemical or organic solution that neutralizes rather than masks odors from pet urination and defecation, and sometimes even vomit and blood. The best pet odor eliminators are often combined with stain removers so that you can take care of all the aspects of a stain at one time. But even without any specific accidents, pets do tend to create a smell in homes, and there are many pet odor eliminators that simply help homes smell less like an animal lives there.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Pet Odor Eliminator?

Pet odor eliminators are great things to have if you want to have guests over. If your guest is not a pet owner, then they have not acclimated to pet smells and will probably immediately notice any of these odors. Needless to say, they probably won’t like these smells. The best pet odor eliminators will eradicate these smells and ensure that guests and visitors will enjoy their time at your home.

Some pet odor eliminators not only freshen up stains, but they also deter your pet from making a mess in that same spot again. This is a great way to help re-train your pet so that they learn the proper place to do their business.

What Are The Different Types of Pet Odor Eliminator?

Most pet odor eliminators are very similar and do about the same job, but there are a few distinctions to make among them.

  • Odor + Stain Remover. Some odor eliminators only deal with odor, but many also eliminate stains. But it’s not always stains that are causing the smell; sometimes it’s simply just living with a pet that creates odor, and then a two-in-one odor and stain remover would not be needed.
  • Natural or Organic. There’s been a recent push to move away from chemical-based solutions and into natural or organic solutions. These kinds of pet odor eliminators use enzymes to break down natural substances like urine and feces to completely eradicate stains and smells. These products are also pet-friendly and better for the environment.
  • Use on Fabric Only. Many pet odor eliminators work on all surfaces, including carpets, hardwood floors, fabrics like clothes and blankets, and furniture upholstery. But some only work on certain materials. Many only work on fabrics, but this is still a very broad category of materials that includes carpets, furniture, linens, and bedding.
  • Sprays. Odor eliminators can be applied in several forms, and the most common is a spray. Some pet odor eliminators come in solid or powder forms that require different methods of application.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Pet Odor Eliminator

Which pet odor eliminator you choose depends greatly on your preferences. If you’re worried about your impact on the environment or about how the product will affect your pet, then natural or organic options are the best pet odor eliminators for you. It’s also important to consider your pets and how often you expect them to have accidents. If these things happen all the time, it’s probably best to get an odor eliminator that also removes stains.


Pet odor eliminators aren’t the most expensive products in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still important to consider how much you’re willing to spend on one. They do come in a range of prices, with natural/organic stain and odor eliminators costing the most and simple odor removers costing the least.

Ease of Use 

Pet odor eliminators come in a small variety of forms, ranging from powders to liquids. Spray products are the most popular and usually the easiest to use, as you have good control over how much you use and where you use it.


It’s important to know how well the product works, as well as where it will work, before you buy it. Make sure it doesn’t just mask the odor, but actually eliminates it. And check to see if it works on the surfaces you intend to use it on; many pet odor eliminators only work on fabrics like carpets and bedding, and are not necessarily meant to be used on hardwood floors or linoleum.

Helps Prevent Repeat Incidents 

One great feature many pet odor eliminators offer is the prevention of more accidents in the same place. The smell or something else in the product deters your pet from using the same area as a bathroom twice, which will help you retrain your pet into the correct behaviors.


Having pets is usually a fun, until it comes to the part where you have to clean up after them. It’s quite often not a very pleasant business, but the best pet odor eliminators out there will make your job a lot less painful and less smelly!

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