Best Travel Neck Pillow 2017

One of life’s great struggles is attempting to sleep while traveling. Whether you’re in a car or on a plane, sleeping while sitting up straight is nearly impossible. Fidgeting around to get comfortable can turn into an endless process that yields no sleep. And even if you do manage to fall asleep, you risk waking up with serious neck and back pain. But what can you do to solve your travel sleep woes? The answer is a travel neck pillow.

If you’re setting out on a long trip, a travel neck pillow is a great item to have on hand. Portable, easy to store, and capable of providing excellent neck and back support, nothing better helps you to sleep while sitting up than a travel neck pillow.

Compare: The 10 Top Rated Travel Neck Pillows

1purefly-inflatable-soft-velvet-neck-travel-pillowPurefly Inflatable Neck Support Travel PillowPurefly$$$4.9
2essence-of-bamboo-travel-neck-pillowEssence of Bamboo Travel Neck PillowDeluxe Home$$4.8
3onwego-inflatable-u-shape-neck-travel-pillowONWEGO Inflatable U-Shape Neck Travel PillowOnwego$$$4.8
4oxa-memory-foam-neck-pillowOXA Memory Foam Neck PillowOXA$$4.7
5cloudz-microbead-travel-neck-pillowCloudz Microbead Travel Neck PillowCloudz$$4.6
6aeris-memory-foam-travel-neck-pillowAeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow with Sleep MaskAeris$$$4.6
7j-pillowJ-Pillow Travel PillowJ-Pillow$$$4.5
8trtl-pillowTrtl PillowTrtl Pillow$$$4.5
9classic-brands-u-shape-memory-foam-travel-pillowClassic Brands U-Shape Memory Foam Travel PillowClassic Brands$4.4
10travelmate-memory-foam-neck-pillowTravelmate Memory Foam Neck PillowTravelMate$$4.3

Our Travel Neck Pillow Reviews

Classic Brands U-Shape Memory Foam Travel Pillow – Best Cheap

While not quite as comfortable as some high-end pillows, this Classic Brands travel neck pillow provides a lot of comfort at a very affordable price. Stuffed with memory foam, it form fits to every curve and shape of your neck, ensuring a comfort that is personalized to you and everyone else who uses it. A velour exterior is soft to the touch, but does begin to trap body heat after a while, resulting in sweat buildup. All in all, if you’re looking for a highly-functional travel neck pillow at a very affordable price, you should definitely take a look at this.


  • Form fitting memory foam cushion
  • Soft velour exterior


  • Has a tendency to trap body heat
  • A little large; more difficult to store than other travel neck pillows

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Essence of Bamboo Travel Neck Pillow – Best for the Money

For a travel neck pillow in its price range, this Essence of Bamboo pillow is easily the best travel neck pillow you’re going to find. Stuffed with cushiony memory foam, it form fits to every shape and curve of your body, ensuring maximum comfort regardless of who’s using it. Lined with a machine-washable bamboo exterior, it provides you top-notch comfort while also keeping your neck cool and sweatless. If you’re looking for a phenomenal travel neck pillow at a very reasonable price, you definitely need to give this one a look.


  • Form fits to your personal shape
  • Comfortable and cool bamboo exterior


  • Not enough memory foam for some tastes
  • Not as easy to store as other neck pillows

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Purefly Travel Pillow – Best Travel Neck Pillow Overall

Equipped with incredible storage, transport, and comfort capabilities, the Purefly Travel Pillow is the best travel neck pillow on the market today. An inflatable neck pillow with the ability to blow up to your desired size, it comes with a one-click inflation button that works both quickly and easily. Lined with a fine, micro-velvet exterior, it provides you with supreme comfort while sacrificing nothing in the way of breathability. If you’re looking for the best travel neck pillow on the market, you can’t go wrong with the Purefly Travel Pillow.


  • Inflates quickly and easily
  • Comfortable micro-velvet exterior
  • Very easy to store


  • A little heavy

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Our Top Rated Travel Neck Pillows


Best Overallpurefly-inflatable-soft-velvet-neck-travel-pillow

Best For The Money essence-of-bamboo-travel-neck-pillow

Best Cheap classic-brands-u-shape-memory-foam-travel-pillow

What Is A Travel Neck Pillow?

A travel neck pillow is a pillow designed to help you sleep while sitting up straight in a chair. They’re named travel neck pillows because, whether you’re traveling on a plane or in a car, the only way to sleep is to do so while sitting up.

These pillows are typically U-shaped, designed to wrap around your neck so that you have support on the back and sides of your body. There are, however, other styles available. Portable, comfortable, and easy to store away, travel neck pillows are the perfect travel sleep companion.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning A Travel Neck Pillow?

For the most part, travel neck pillows are fairly basic items. Their main purpose is to help people sleep while sitting straight up in a car or plane. There are, however, several other benefits offered by travel neck pillows.

Soft, flexible, and lightweight, they are very easy to store and transport from place to place, meaning you can always have one on hand just in case. Additionally, the comfort and support capabilities of a travel neck pillow will help you to prevent back and neck injuries while in the midst of traveling.

What Are The Different Types Of Travel Neck Pillows?

The first choice to make is whether to use an inflatable or memory foam pillow. An inflatable pillow is perhaps the most efficient option because you can roll it up tightly in your luggage. If space isn’t an issue, or you’re happy to carry it with you, a memory foam pillow is a softer and more comfortable option though.

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Both styles of pillow can help keep your head upright, so it’s perhaps a matter of choosing between luggage space or extra comfort.

The main choice is a pillow that sits around your neck and helps you rest your head against your shoulder. Given the confined space of most seats in the rear of the plane this is a pretty natural sleeping position. It’s not surprising that most travel pillows support it and the most common type is the neck travel pillow.

A similar position is to rest your head to the side, against the wall of the plane or part of the seat. This is made a lot more comfortable with a travel pillow.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Travel Neck Pillow

All in all, travel neck pillows are fairly basic items. Most are U-shaped and designed to fit around your neck snugly, providing support and cushion so that you can rest your weary head while sitting up straight. However, this does not mean that all travel neck pillows are created equally. They may all seem the same, but the truth is that they possess quite a few characteristics which set them apart. These characteristics revolve around the amount of support they provide, the comfort they offer, how portable they are, and whether or not they possess any additional features.


In order for a travel neck pillow to work appropriately, it must be able to provide support to your neck and head. If it doesn’t provide enough support to keep your neck and head in place without effort, it is quite simply not doing its job.


It should go without saying that an uncomfortable travel neck pillow is a poor travel neck pillow. Though everyone has a different definition of what’s comfortable to them, there are some feelings that are so undeniably uncomfortable that their discomfort becomes a thing of fact. Make sure the travel neck pillow you choose is plenty comfortable.


Because you’re, more often than not, going to be taking your travel neck pillow on the road or in the sky, it’s important that it’s portable. While some pillows are inflatable and capable of being folded up compactly, others are made of soft materials that can squish into compromising areas. Don’t overlook portability.

Additional Features

Travel neck pillows come with a number of additional features that serve to make them as functional and useful as possible. These features include everything from internal heating devices, to internal inflation pumps, to additional support mechanisms, and more.


Long car and plane rides can be truly grueling affairs, and whether you want to or not, you almost always ending up falling asleep. But sleeping while sitting up is about the most uncomfortable thing you could ever partake in. You’re almost sure to wake up with some form of neck or back pain. What you need is a travel neck pillow.

With proper care, most travel pillows will last for years even with regular use. And with a few modifications, any travel pillow can made at least a bit more comfortable and inviting. This can be as simple as slipping a traditional pillow case over the pillow to create a more customary feel, or it can involve the addition of an eye mask, ear plugs, or even a hood.

Just be sure that you take any additional hardware you might use into consideration before choosing a travel pillow. Many options wrap around the neck and don’t interfere with your ears, for example, making them a great choice for travelers who like to listen to music or podcasts while on the go; others come into contact with the entire side of the face, making the use of headphones or earbuds less than viable.

Comfortable, portable, and highly-functional pillows like the Purefly Travel Pillow offer superb neck and back support as well as effortless use. If you’re planning a long trip in your near future, you should absolutely invest in a travel neck pillow.

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