Best TV Wall Mount 2017

The first TVs were encased in huge cabinets that took up a good portion of a room. Later TVs weren’t much better. They were still large, bulky, heavy, and had to be set on a solid, sturdy surface. Using the latest technology, modern TVs have become better than ever.

LED, LCD, OLED, and plasma TVs have taken over the living rooms of households all around the world. These TVs are thinner, more lightweight, and produce a better picture than TVs ever have before. This makes it easy to put them on smaller TV stands. However, to get the full benefit of your flat screen TV, consider mounting it on your wall.

Compare: The 10 Top Rated TV Wall Mounts

1sanus-vmpl3-b-tilt-wall-mountSanus VMPL3-B Tilt Wall MountSanus$$$$4.8
2videosecu-articulating-full-motion-tv-wall-mountVideoSecu MW390B Articulating Full Motion TV Wall MountVideoSecu$$$4.8
3mount-it-premium-universal-heavy-duty-tilting-wall-mount-bracketMount-It! Premium Universal Heavy-Duty Tilting Wall Mount BracketMount-It!$$4.6
4videosecu-tv-wall-mount-flush-ultra-slim-bracketVideoSecu TV Wall Mount Flush Ultra Slim BracketVideoSecu$4.4
5cheetah-mounts-aptmm2b-tilt-mountCheetah Mounts APTMM2B TV Wall MountCheetah$$4.5
6cheetah-articulating-arm-tv-wall-mountCheetah Mounts ALAMLB Articulating TV and Monitor Wall MountCheetah$$4.6
7vonhaus-by-designer-habitat-premium-mountDesigner Habitat TV Wall Mount 33-Inch to 60-InchVonHaus$4.3
8invision-tv-wall-mount-bracketInvision TV Wall Mount Bracket with Tilt and SwivelInvision$$4.5
9echogear-full-motion-articulating-tv-wall-mount-bracketECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount BracketECHOGEAR$$$4.7
10mounting-dream-md2268-mk-tiltMounting Dream MD2268-MK TiltMounting Dream$4.2

Our TV Wall Mount Reviews

VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Flush Ultra Slim Bracket – Best Cheap TV Wall Mount

If you don’t need the extra features like tiling or articulating arms, this mount is just right for you. This low profile mount hangs easily on your wall, safely supports your TV, and provides you with that modern look you’re hoping to achieve with a wall-mounted TV.

This mount is VESA-compliant, so it works with all TVs with the VESA mounting hole pattern, making mounting your TV a breeze. It fits most TVs from 19 to 32 inches, and it may even work with some 42 inch TVs, provided they meet the weight limit of 80 pounds. Your TV will be safe, secure, and look great while hanging without you having to spend a fortune.


Installation is very easy and in most cases, does not require professional assistance. It is strong and durable when mounted in a wall stud. It comes with all hardware. It is extremely inexpensive. It is very sturdy and reliable.


It does not tilt or swivel. It does not work with larger or heavier flat panel TVs. It is difficult to access connections on the back of your TV because of its design.

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VideoSecu Articulating Full Motion TV Wall Mount – Best TV Wall Mount for the Money

When you want to mount any TV between 32 and 65 inches, consider purchasing this mount. It is VESA compliant, so it works with most TVs. It supports a full 165 pounds, so you never have to worry about your TV falling. The lock and release safety system is an additional safety feature designed to protect your TV.

You’ll always find the perfect angle in any size room with any size of TV. This TV tilts and the articulating arm allows you to move it away from the wall and swivel to the perfect position. It is easy to install, and it even comes with an HDMI cable to use with your TV, Blu-ray player, game system, or HD-enabled cable box for crystal clear high-definition viewing.


This mount tilts up or down up to 15 degrees for optimum viewing. The articulating arm swings off from the wall a full 25 inches, and it folds up to provide a 4-inch clearance. It has post-installation level adjustment that makes it easy to get your TV perfectly level. It supports many of the most popular sizes. It swivels side to side. It is durably made. It is easy to install.


The instructions could be clearer. It will not work on two studs when they are more than 16 inches apart. The rails on the back of the TV may obstruct cords and cables.

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Sanus VMPL3-B Tilt Wall Mount – Best TV Wall Mount Overall

Flat panel TVs aren’t exactly cheap, and you want to protect your investment. Mount your TV with ease without constantly worrying about durability with this heavy-duty mount. It works for TVs up to 84-inches, and it supports a full 280 pounds. It is also designed for three-stud installation over the standard two, providing you with that extra security you’re looking for.

It is construction of solid, heavy-gauge steel, so it’s built to last for years even when supporting a large screen TV. It also tilts, so you can set it to the perfect position for viewing your favorite television shows and movies. It is easy to install, and it is compatible with most TVs that have VESA mounting holes.


It supports more weight and a wider range of sizes than the majority of other TV mounts. It tilts for perfect viewing in any room. It is constructed of heavy-duty steel that fully supports your TV. It is one of the slimmest low profile tilting mounts on the market. It is easy to install.


It is more expensive than other mounts. Because it uses metric screws, if you need additional screws, they are more difficult to find.

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Our Top Rated TV Wall Mounts


Best Overallsanus-vmpl3-b-tilt-wall-mount

Best For The Money videosecu-articulating-full-motion-tv-wall-mount

Best Cheap videosecu-tv-wall-mount-flush-ultra-slim-bracket

What Is A TV Wall Mount?

TV wall mounts are used to hold your TV to the wall, eliminating the need for a TV stand. A TV mount is screwed into the wall, though studs for stability. Once your mount has been properly attached to the wall, you remove the stand from your TV, then use the brackets on the back to attach it to the mount. This provides you with a great viewing angle and lets you experience television like you never have before.

To best protect your TV and ensure years of use, a TV wall mount needs to be installed properly. This means that the mount should be screwed into a wall’s studs, which are the wood frame behind the drywall that are strong enough to hold the weight of a television.

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Studs run vertically and are usually spaced 16 inches apart. The best way to find where the studs lie behind drywall is by using a magnetic or electronic stud finder that, when run along the wall, will signal when it finds wood. A less-accurate way to find the wall studs is to knock on the wall and listen for the sound of dense (versus hollow) spots.

A good TV wall mount is designed to not only be durable but also make installation simple. The best TV wall mounts will come with an installation kit that includes many of the following components:

  • A wall stud finder
  • Screws and anchors for various types of walls (drywall, brick, concrete, wood)
  • A cable management system to hide and organize cables and wires
  • A bubble level to make level installation easy
  • Horizontal sliding bars or a rail design that make TV leveling (vertically and horizontally) possible once it is hung

A horizontal bar allows a mounted TV to slide several inches to the left or right from where the mount is hung. The bar feature is a great solution when the wall studs are not centered on the wall, but you want to center your TV.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning A TV Wall Mount?

The biggest advantage to owning a TV wall mount is that it frees up more space in your home. Not only does it sit flush with you wall, but you no longer have to worry about having a big, bulky TV stand or entertainment center taking up space in your room. Instead, the TV is firmly mounted, taking up little space. If you have a cable or satellite box, DVD player, or other devices, you can purchase a small shelf of stand that takes up a fraction of the space of a full-size entertainment center.

Another advantage to a TV wall mount is that it gives your room a cleaner, more modern appearance. TVs look great when mounted above a fireplace or on a main wall in your home. A wall-mounted TV enhances your décor.

What Are The Different Types Of TV Wall Mounts?

If you own a flat panel TV and you want to give your living room or bedroom a more streamlined look, a TV mount is the perfect way to do so. Before you make your purchase, consider the different types of mounts available, and see how they can benefit you.

  • Fixed mount – This mount sits flat against the wall, and your TV is attached to sit flat against the wall. With this type of mount, your TV is fixed in one spot, and it cannot be adjusted. These are typically the least expensive mounts.
  • Tilting mount – Get the best angle for viewing with a tilting mount. This type of mount has an option that allows you to tilt the screen up or down.
  • Slim mount – A slim mount can be fixed or have the option to tilt. This is the slimmest type, and it keeps your TV closer to the wall.
  • Swivel mount – This is similar to a fixed mount with the added benefit of being able to slide the TV horizontally for the best angle.
  • Articulating mount – This is the most versatile (and often most expensive) of all of the mounts. It has an arm that allows you to swing the TV away from the wall and swivel it left or right. This provides you with multiple viewing positions.

Considerations for Choosing the Best TV Wall Mount

Once you’ve made the decision to add a wall mount to your home for your flat panel TV, you may not know what to do next. With so many different mounts available, how do you know which one to choose? You can narrow down your choices by looking at a few key features on every mount that you consider purchasing.

TV Size

There’s no question that you need to purchase a mount that is designed to hold the right size TV. If your TV doesn’t fit properly, you may not be able to use the mount. If you have to rig the mount up to work properly, you risk damaging your TV. Make sure that any mount you purchase is the right size for your TV.

Weight limits

Mounts have different load bearing weights, so you need to purchase one that can fully support your TV. If you have a heavier, large screen TV, putting it on a cheap mount not designed to hold heavy weights puts your TV, walls, flooring, and surrounding items at risk for damage.

Ease of installation

Anyone can install a TV mount without a professional’s help if they choose the right one. Look for mounts that are easy to install. Typically, low profile mounts are the easiest to use.


Always take a look at the price of the mounts you are considering. An inexpensive mount may not be as high-quality as one that costs a little more. Likewise, a more expensive mount may come with features that you’ll never use, so you can select a less expensive, basic version.


When you’re ready to take your TV viewing experience to the next level, you can do so with a TV wall mount. If you’ve decided that a wall mount is right for your household, stick with a mount that is designed to fit a range of sizes, is extra strong and durable, and installs with ease.

Although the Sanus VMPL3-B Tilt Wall Mount is one of the more expensive you’ll find, knowing that your TV is mounted securely is priceless.