Best Vitamin E Oil 2017

Perhaps you’ve got a surgery scar that you’re trying to get healed. Maybe your skin is getting dry and wrinkly. Or maybe you’ve even got dehydrated hair. In any of these cases, your woes can be solved with the use of Vitamin E oil; a skin lathering supplement that is created through both natural and synthetic means.

Vitamin E oil is a cheap, safe, and reliable solution to smoothing over stretch marks, healing scars, and hydrating skin and hair. Popular in the natural healing community, it is growing more and more popular by the day.

Compare: The 10 Top Rated Vitamin E Oils

1bella-terra-vitamin-e-oilBella Terra Vitamin E OilBella Terra Oils$$$4.9
2health-priority-natural-products-all-natural-organic-vitamin-e-oilHealth Priority Natural Products All-Natural & Organic Vitamin E OilHealth Priority Natural Products$$$4.8
3mother-natures-vitamin-e-oilMother Nature's Vitamin E OilMother Nature's Essentials$$$4.7
4piping-rock-vitamin-e-oilPiping Rock Vitamin E OilPiping Rock Health Products$4.7
5vitamin-e-oil-by-greatfull-skinVitamin E Oil by GreatFull SkinGreatFull Skin$$$4.7
6jason-vitamin-e-5000-iu-all-over-body-nourishment-oilJASON Vitamin E 5,000 IU All-Over Body Nourishment OilJason$4.7
7sundown-vitamin-e-oilSundown Vitamin E OilSundown Naturals$4.6
8natures-bounty-vitamin-e-oilNature's Bounty Vitamin E-OilNature's Bounty$$4.6
9cococare-100-vitamin-e-oilCococare 100% Vitamin E OilCococare$$4.5
10trader-joes-vitamin-oil-eTrader Joe's Vitamin Oil ETrader Joe's$$4.5

Our Vitamin E Oil Reviews

Sundown Vitamin E Oil – Best Cheap Vitamin E Oil

Measuring in at 70,000 IU, this Sundown Vitamin E Oil is just about as active a Vitamin E oil you’re going to find. 100% synthetic Vitamin E oil, it is mixed with other additives, meaning it’s the opposite of pure, and all-natural. Despite the fact that it’s not mixed with other oils, it is still relatively easy to spread on, and absorbs with just a little bit of time. If you’re looking for a very strong, reliable Vitamin E oil at a very affordable price, you should definitely take a look at this.


  • Very powerful and active
  • As cheap as you’re going to find


  • Rather thick and sticky
  • Synthetic Vitamin E oil

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JASON Vitamin E 5,000 IU All-Over Body Nourishment Oil – Best Vitamin E Oil for the Money

Though it measures in at only 5,000 IU, this Jason Vitamin E oil works remarkably fast for a Vitamin E oil in its price range. Made from pure Vitamin E oil as well as 5 other essential oils, it spreads on your skin smoothly and absorbs quickly with no problems. Cruelty-free and developed in The United States, it is sealed to maximize its full potential. If you’re looking for the best Vitamin E oil at a reasonable price, this is it.


  • Spreads on smoothly
  • Includes 100% natural Vitamin E oil


  • Not 100% natural Vitamin E oil
  • Comes with an odor

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Bella Terra Vitamin E Oil – Best Vitamin E Oil Overall

Measuring in at an incredible 75,000 IU, this Bella Terra Vitamin E oil is as active and as powerful as any Vitamin E oil you could possibly imagine. Cruelty-free, additive-free, and vegan, it’s made and cold pressed in The United States, ensuring that it will always be fresh right out of the bottle. Created from wheat germ, it’s the only 100%, all-natural Vitamin E oil on our list. If you’re looking for an effective, all-natural Vitamin E oil, Bella Terra Vitamin E Oil is the best Vitamin E oil you’re going to find.


  • Staggering 75,000 IU
  • 100% all-natural
  • As fresh as any Vitamin E oil you’re going to find


  • Because it’s pure Vitamin E oil, it doesn’t absorb as well as other oils

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Our Top Rated Vitamin E Oils


Best Overallbella-terra-vitamin-e-oil

Best For The Money jason-vitamin-e-5000-iu-all-over-body-nourishment-oil

Best Cheap sundown-vitamin-e-oil

What Is Vitamin E Oil?

Vitamin E comes in many different forms, from capsules, to vitamins, and more. In the case of Vitamin E oil, Vitamin E comes in the form of a liquid. This liquid can be applied to your skin like a moisturizer in order to provide both short and long-term relief.

While most Vitamin E oils are made with natural Vitamin E, some of these oils are made with a synthetic, lab-created Vitamin E. Few Vitamin E oils contain 100% Vitamin E oil as they’re mixed with other oils in order to make them thinner, smoother, and easier to apply.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Vitamin E Oil?

Vitamin E oil has been proven to provide a great many benefits in the way of skin and hair care. These benefits include everything from the ability to hydrate hair, to the ability to heal scars, to anti-aging properties, and more.

Vitamin E oil provides these benefits by fighting off free radicals in the body. These free radicals contribute greatly to the aging process, and so by using Vitamin E oil to stave them off, you are halting and slowing down the physical aging of your skin and hair.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Vitamin E Oil

It seems as if all Vitamin E oils would be exactly the same. After all, they’re referred to by the same name, so why would they be any different. Well, the truth of the matter is that each Vitamin E oil is made in a different way. See, Vitamin E oil does not consist of 100% Vitamin E oil. In order to make it smooth and absorbent, companies add other types of oils into the Vitamin E oil mixture. This means that all Vitamin E oils you see for sale are made in their own specific way. In order to figure out which oil is the best, there are a couple of things to consider.

Organic vs. Synthetic

While some Vitamin E oils are made from natural, organic Vitamin E, others are made from a synthetic Vitamin E which was created in a lab. In general, organic Vitamin E oils are the way to go as they contain no other chemical residue.

Intended Use

Vitamin E oils serve a number of different uses, with each different oil brand serving certain uses better than other brands. In most cases, you should choose the oil that serves the most uses overall. But if one oil is especially effective for your specific purpose, you should go with it instead.

Number of Vitamin Compounds

Scientists have found that Vitamin E oil is most effective when it contains all 8 of its chemical compounds. Different oils come with a different number of compounds, with some containing as few as 3, and some containing as many as 8. Ideally, you would choose the oil that contains the most.

Absorption Capabilities

For Vitamin E oil to work in the appropriate manner, it is necessary for it to be absorbent. If an oil can’t absorb into your skin’s pores, it will serve very little use. While there’s no way of mathematically gauging an oil’s absorption capabilities, you can get an idea as to how absorbent it is through online reviews and other such descriptions.


Whether you’ve got acne, surgery scars, or dry, wrinkled skin, Vitamin E oil can go a long way in helping to soothe your wounds. With strong anti-aging properties, it works to keep your skin and hair hydrated and smooth long into your life.

100% all-natural oils like Bella Terra Vitamin E Oil are a safe and effective option for conditioning and maintaining skin day in and day out. Want to look as young as possible for as long as possible? Invest in some high-quality Vitamin E oil.