Clearblue Fertility Monitor With Touch Screen Review

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor cranks up the cool factor to 11 and makes the previous ovulation detection kits seem like they were from the Stone Age.

This product is surely one of a kind. Not only does this Ovulation Detection Kit provide a plethora of useful information, but it also steps up the accuracy of the results. In fact, according to Clearblue, this product offers 97% accuracy when compared to highly sophisticated Ultrasound detection methods.

The Clearblue Fertility does not track a single hormone like the other Ovulation Detection Kits; it detects two hormones, estrogen, and luteinizing hormone, and that justifies its higher accuracy compared to other simpler products. Moreover, this fertility monitor has been proven to increase chances of conception by 82%  in the first cycle of use. That is impressive, to say the least.

However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. As you might have expected, this product is priced in a different league altogether. Moreover, you need to purchase the test strips separately! On top of all that, this monitor is by no means simple to use. In fact, this product has quite a steep learning curve, especially when compared to simple ovulation testing kits.

Having said that, it does an awful lot, and it is by far the most exciting product on this list. If you are in the market for a product which is a cut above the rest and you do not mind paying the extra money, then the Clearblue Fertility Monitor should be your product of choice.


  • This product is more accurate than its competitors.
  • It displays a plethora of useful information on its touch screen and comes up with helpful reminders as well.
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  • The price is hard to justify.
  • The Test Strips which are essential to performing the Ovulation Test needs to be purchased separately.
  • This product has a steep learning curve.

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