Crystal Smile Advanced Lite Teeth Whitening Home Kit Review

Although you might not be familiar with the brand, Crystal Smile, their Advanced Lite Teeth Whitening Home Kit is a fantastic product. Not only is it inexpensive, but it also provides whiter teeth within a few days of use!

If you are restraining yourself from using this product because you have highly discolored teeth, you need not worry. This kit has enough material to last you ten days. In other words, you should have sparkling teeth before you finish using it.


This is a budget-friendly teeth whitening option. It utilizes professional-quality 35% peroxide gel for fast results. The instructions are clear and detailed. The whitening process is very easy. The well-designed trays provide a perfect, comfortable fit.


Some sensitivity may occur with the peroxide gel. Molding the trays for the first use can be a time consuming process.

This kit can give a strong competition to the best teeth whitening kits that are available in the market today. The kit also includes an instruction manual and a sturdy storage case to organize everything properly. The product has garnered a lot of teeth whitening products reviews from its highly satisfied customers.

The kit can be used either as a full whitening treatment or as an aftercare kit, topping up the whiteness of your teeth as and when you feel the need. For the full treatment, use the kit for consecutive days until desired results are achieved. Once the level of whiteness has been achieved use an application once every 3-4 weeks to maintain the level of whiteness.

If you want to sport the stunning smiles that you see on celebrities, models and actors then professional kits offering the best teeth whitening products would be just the thing that you need! With the help of these high performance kits you too will be able to have gleaming teeth. For individuals leading a busy and hectic lifestyle, these kits for teeth whitening are a savior. All in all, the Crystal Smile Advanced Lite Teeth Whitening Home Kit performs as advertised. You will get whiter teeth within a few days of using this product. However, if you have highly sensitive teeth, we would suggest you look elsewhere.