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iPhone 12 mini Review

This fall, Apple will release the iPhone 12. It also comes in a small version: the iPhone 12 mini. Apple has not yet officially told anything about the latest iPhone, but there are already a lot of rumors. And they are becoming more and more concrete. On this page we talk to you about the smallest iPhone.

iPhone 12: different shapes and sizes

Apple is expected to release four iPhones this year. For starters, there are two entry-level models: the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Max – the ‘Max’ is the larger of the two. Prefer something more luxurious? Then you end up with the iPhone 12 Pro – of which there is also a larger Max version. This will probably be the complete line-up:

  • 5.4-inch iPhone 12
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Max
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro
  • 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max

The smallest of the bunch, with a 5.4-inch screen, will officially be called the iPhone 12. Because of its size, many people already call it the iPhone 12 mini.

How small?

The iPhone 12 mini will be the smallest iPhone in the future Apple range. You may think: that can’t be right. Because the iPhone 12 mini is 5.4 inches, and the iPhone SE 2020 is 4.7 inches. In short: that mini is a lot bigger. So no.

The iPhone 12 mini has a larger screen than the SE, but the border around it is a lot narrower. That makes the iPhone 12 mini in total a lot smaller than the iPhone SE (or iPhone 7 and iPhone 8). In the image below, you can clearly see how small the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 is compared to other iPhones. Very compact and handy.

Design and iPhone 12 mini colors

For the first time since 2017, we expect a revised design for the iPhone. The front remains largely the same: all screen, with a narrow border around it. No home button. Yet this iPhone is clearly different from its predecessor: it gets flat and robust edges, very different from the curved edges of the past years. It therefore most resembles the iPad Pro . With the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Max (the larger entry-level model), Apple probably uses aluminum for the frame, the more luxurious model will probably get stainless steel.

For the entry-level model, Apple usually opts for fresh colors. The iPhone 12 will largely have the same color palette as last year ‘s iPhone 11 . Maybe Apple will replace one or two colors with something new, but we don’t know yet which of the current colors will be dropped and what will replace them.

Dual camera

Perhaps the most important point to pay attention to when buying a new iPhone: the camera. For the very best camera you have to go to the Pro models, they will probably get a triple camera with a LiDAR scanner, for making 3D images. But don’t discount the iPhone 12. Just like its predecessor, it will probably get a double camera lens, consisting of an ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle camera. In addition, just like the devices of 2019, this iPhone will have a special night mode, with which you can also take the most beautiful photos in the dark.

OLED screen

The iPhone 12 mini gets a front that is all screen: a 5.4-inch screen with narrow edges around it, a ‘notch’ at the top for the camera module and no home button. This makes it the smallest borderless iPhone model and very easy to operate with one hand. In comparison: that type of device always had a screen diagonal of at least 5.8 inches.

Interestingly, the iPhone 12 will probably get an OLED screen, something that was previously reserved for the Pro models. The entry-level models always had an LCD screen until now. It is a screen that is slightly less advanced than that of the more luxurious Pro models, but the screen is, for example, much better than the LCD screen of the iPhone SE 2020.

First 5G iPhone

The Netherlands has slowly started rolling out 5G this year. This network is much faster and a lot more stable than 4G. At the moment, there is not a single iPhone model that supports 5G, but with the iPhone 12 that will probably change: this may be the first 5G iPhone and that makes it future-proof.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen as far as this rumor is concerned, because various scenarios are possible. All iPhone 12 models could be getting 5G. But it could also be that it only applies to the Pro models. Or that the versions with 5G only appear in a limited number of countries for the time being. There is also the possibility that all iPhones will get 5G, but that only the most expensive model uses the fastest version thereof.

iPhone 12 mini price

It is obvious that the smallest entry-level model also receives the smallest price. Because there is a small version of the slip-on for the first time, it is a bit of a guess what the price will be. The entry-level model of 2019 – the 6.1-inch iPhone 11 – is sold for € 809. We expect the iPhone 12 mini to be less expensive. Count on the following prices:

  • iPhone 12 mini 64GB: € 709
  • iPhone 12 mini 128GB: € 759
  • iPhone 12 mini 256GB: € 879

Release date

Usually, the release of a new iPhone is very predictable, but due to delays due to the coronavirus, this is different this year. Apple has confirmed that the new iPhones will arrive a little later. And indeed: the expected date of the announcement – Tuesday, September 8 – has already passed silently.

An Apple event is now scheduled for Tuesday September 15 . But the question is whether we will see the new iPhones. The well-known Apple watchers are very unanimous about this: no, no iPhone in September . We will probably see the iPhone 12 mini and the other new iPhones during an event on Tuesday, October 13.

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