Montem Premium Dry Bag Review

The Montem Premium Waterproof Dry Bag is a must-have for the sports persons and the adventure enthusiasts who do not know which ravine they will dive into and which canoe they will be rowing. In short, the 500 denier polyester and vinyl coating will ensure that no water enters the bag and keeps your clothes as dry as they were when you folded and packed them in your home yesterday. They come with a roll down top and firm shoulder straps with which you shall just sling the bag on at any time.

There are firm plastic D-rings that keep the shoulder straps in place and that also aid in slinging across the shoulder while you cycle or row or even dive in to a river or stream. The bag is an excellent flotation device and even a cooler to take to the beach.

The best aspect about the brand of Montem is that they have a great reputation in the market and therefore, they would not try to compromise with the quality of bags. Their bags are firm and as per the customers’ who have purchased these already, the bags are perfect for carrying things like beach towels, and other bathing trunks and creams and books. The dry bags also come in attractive colors too and the bags are anti-static too.

In fact, even if you are packing in less in a much bigger bag, then also you shall be able to roll it down to the required size and then tightly buckle it in the sides and on the top and you are ready to go. This was what we did when we had started on the last trekking trip. Only on our return trip did we have many un-ironed clothes and things just thrown in after use. However, make sure that you also have a few plastic pouches in hand just to keep your wet or dirty linen and clothes separate inside the bag.

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The anti-bacterial body is ideal for the hasty backpackers and travelers who do not have a fixed place and who move around and travel through any place all round the year. We made sure that we also kept separate pouches for camera, smartphone and our powerbank just to be doubly sure that they remained well during the rough weather.

Though the dry bags were suitable to sustain all the water splashing that happened during the kayaking trip, and the rafting, the contents remained safe, thereby building my confidence in the brand of Montem.

Features and Specifications:

  • Stain resistant waterproof material to keep moisture at bay
  • 1-year warranty on the product
  • The tight roll over top comes with a buckle that firmly seals in clothes and other stuff that you shall pack in for the trip.
  • UV-protected and anti-bacterial to keep the bag and the contents fresh without giving off any odor
  • Comes with firm and adjustable shoulder strap and buckles to fit it or hook it anywhere as you run, cycle, or even row across different terrains
  • 500-Denier PVC polymer material is firm and gives body that withstands tears and pulls through the rough terrains at all times
  • Reinforced stitches and seams to keep the bag in shape even after you stuff it with personal belongings
  • Montem Dry bags come in three sizes of 5L, 10 L and 20L
  • Use it in the beach as a cooler since the strong thermo welding body is perfect for the same

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