Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation Review

Arguably the greatest Wi-Fi thermostat ever made, the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation is the stuff of legends! Don’t believe us? Go ahead and check out its sales figures. This third-generation thermostat has sold over 15,000 units so far and has managed to satisfy more than 95% of its customers. What makes this so unique? Read on to find out.

While the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation has many coveted features, the ones that stand out are its learning capability that figures out your preferences in about a week. It also shuts itself down automatically when you’re not at home, saving energy. You can, of course, use your smart phone or laptop to connect and control the temperature wirelessly.

The thermostat also spots you across the room and lights up to display weather or temperature. This product is Energy Star certified and can efficiently control how other devices consume electricity. You also get a better idea on which areas to save, and on which you can afford to spend more.


  • Excellent design, easy use, and can be installed quickly
  • Smart sensors enable the device to adapt to your needs
  • Energy Star rated for maximum savings


  • None

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