Shapellx Shapewear Review

In this shapellx review, I will show you how I lost weight with my shapellx shapewear. Before buying my first Shapellx for myself, I was desperate to find a great way to lose my love handles.

If you have been following me on social media for awhile, then you know that I have lost a considerable amount of weight, and it was hard for me to do that without the help of shapewear.

Just like most women, I was sick and tired looking at pictures of myself on Facebook or going to parties and seeing all these girls who looked great in their dresses that I wished would change.

I have always been a bigger girl but when i hit my early 20’s I put on the weight and it was not pretty.

Shapellx shapewear gave me that extra push to look better in a dress or skirt and feel more comfortable around friends, family and even strangers.

Note: I will share my experiences below. This shapellx review is an honest account of my time using the brand.

I will always be honest and upfront about a product so please read this entire article before you make any decisions on if you should buy this shapewear or not!

Shapellx is a shapewear brand designed here in the USA. I used it for about 2 years and had great results with minimal push back when wearing it.

Shapellx shirts, bras and leggings all work together to give support to your midsection. It helps you feel more confident about yourself as well make your outer clothing fit better on the inside.

The brand isn’t just for women though! Shapellx also makes products to help men get better fitting suits, shirts and pants that look better on them than their regular clothing.  The best part is it’s a lot more affordable than buying custom clothing off the rack and you can return your shapewear if you don’t like it!

How the shapellx works: Get yourself measured for your size options (For more info check out their sizing chart ). Choose what type of product you want to buy. We will be focusing on waist shapers, leggings and bras Next, you are going to pull up or down whatever clothing you have that needs to be slimmed out (For example, if I was wearing a dress or skirt I would wear shapellx shapewear to help slim down my midsection) and it will conform to your body.   You will then put on the clothing you want to look better in and hope for the best!

When you go to change into additional clothing, you may need to readjust the shapewear but for most part if it feels secure and stays in place then you are good to go!

To see what size you should get I suggest checking out this PDF chart . This will give you waist measurement, hip measurements and bra sizes. You can either do your own measuring or have someone help you out.

Shapellx Review: Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons   It’s comfortable. It can be hard to put on without assistance. It gives your midsection a more firm look which helps you look better in clothes! You have to wear it for the majority of your day (Mostly during office hours). It helps keep you cool. It’s not as secure if the garment isn’t tight enough (if your fat rolls are too big and move around inside). It can help slim down your midsection.

Pro Tip:   If you are wearing a dress or skirt, when putting on shapellx shapewear make sure to wear underwear with it so that you don’t get lines on your skin and your underwear doesn’t show.

The Pros of Shapellx Shapewear

It’s affordable when compared to having custom clothing made for your body It helps make outer garments fit better on the inside Gives you confidence when wearing tight dresses or skirts Helps keep cools Cons of Shapellx Shapewear You have to wear it for the majority of your day It can be hard to put on without assistance

Shapellx Review: A Look at the Products Shapellx has several products that all work together but also are a stand alone product. Depending on what clothing you want to wear with shapellx determines which product from the brand you should get. I will share what products I tried that worked for me and why I liked them so much!

Shapellx shapewear leggings are highwaisted and slimming at the same time allowing you to wear a longer top while wearing shapellx leggings underneath.  They have a lace up front and a zipper on the side making it so you can adjust to how tight you want your leggings.

The Shapellx shapewear leggings are an all around great product that I used for years before wearing shapellx bras . Being able to wear longer tops while still getting the slimming effect of shapellx shapewear is amazing. I used to get so many compliments on my figure when I wore shapellx leggings and I always tell people it’s because of the quality control that comes with this brand! The only thing about these are that for some they seem too tight but if you loosen up the lace at the top then it’s a little more comfortable.

Pros:   Gives you a slimming look to your legs when wearing leggings Fits perfectly underneath all kinds of clothing Looks amazing and most likely will get compliments Helps keep you cool Cons:  None

The Pros of Shapellx Leggings

It comes in three different colors (black, nude, and gray) It comes in sizes ranging from XS-3X You can wear leggings underneath all kinds of clothing without getting lumps or bumps out of your leggings The quality control keeps the product strong so you don’t get holes easily


It can be a bit uncomfortable at first (But is worth it to know you are wearing such quality leggings that don’t budge)

Shapellx is a company that specializes in shapewear for women. They have been designing and manufacturing undergarments for almost 30 years, and they pride themselves on their high quality products. Their website offers a wide range of products from waist trainers to compression leggings. When you purchase one of the items from the website, it will be shipped discreetly so that no one knows what it is when it arrives at your doorstep!

Shapellx is a brand of shapewear designed to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. The products can tone and slim problem areas such as the waist, hips, thighs, or bottom while minimizing bulges like stomach rolls or back fat! With each purchase, Shapellx will donate $1 to breast cancer awareness organizations, so they may continue their work with those affected by this disease.

Shapellx has an amazing selection of garments, all with different levels of control to meet every need. Whether you are looking for something to help shape your body or provide support during pregnancy, Shapellx has a solution for you!

If you have been a long time shapewear user like myself, you have probably realized that some of the most uncomfortable garments can be found in this category. I had to dig deep into my closet to find some of these items!

1. First up is an item from AA Shapewear. This very versatile garment can help improve your overall posture, and it also has features to help with slimming as well! The AA Slimmer comes in a variety of colors. I don’t have very many AA Shapewear items that are not black, so this was kind of a new thing for me. This shapewear helps improve your posture by pulling up your tummy and supporting your lower back. My posture is not always great, so I found this feature very useful! Also, the shapewear comes with additional fabric around the bust area that helps to slim down your waist and tummy, but it doesn’t do much for my hips or rear end. That may be because I am in need of about four more inches of length on the leg openings, but I was still surprised at how little it helped my rear end. This shapewear is a great choice for someone looking to slim down their midsection and improve posture!

2. I am a huge fan of Spanks products, so I expected to love this one too! The Spanks Extra Firm Bra definitely had some pros and cons for me. First, the pros! This garment helps to provide a lot of overall support for anybody type! It is one firm piece with dense foam lining both the bust area and tummy control panel. If you are looking for a little extra support in your midsection or anywhere else on your upper body, this is the piece for you! This item should be paired with something that covers your hips and rear end, because it doesn’t have a lot of control in those areas. Next, the cons! I felt like this bra was too firm to be able to wear it comfortably all day long. It also had some issues with moving around under my clothing. I could feel it shifting around, so it wasn’t just the top layer of fabric moving due to my movements. Despite these cons, this bra is still a great choice for someone looking for extra support over their entire upper body!

3. Next up is another shaper from AA Shapewear that has a lot of excellent features for many body types! The AA Slimmer Plus was a little less firm than the one reviewed above, but it still provided a little more control over my tummy area. This shapewear also helped to slim down my waist and improve my posture. It was a little longer than the other item I tried from this brand, so maybe that was why it worked better for my hips and rear end! Another great feature is the straps that come over the shoulders. This helps to bring in your chest without creating any uncomfortable creases in your skin. Although this shapewear comes with a top layer of fabric, I found it very breathable and comfortable to wear all day long!

4. Another Spanks item? Yes, another one! The Spanks Magic Seamless Bra is much like the other bra that I tested out from this brand, but it has a few key differences as well. For starters, the seamless design makes it a lot more comfortable for all day wear. I didn’t feel any of those uncomfortable creases, and the cup size was smaller than the other Spanks’ bra I reviewed. This bra is a great choice for someone looking for a little more modesty while also getting some support from their shapewear! It does run small, so be sure to check out the Spanks Size Chart first before you buy.

5. Another AA Shapewear item that is a little different from the others! This shaper has more of a traditional design when compared to some of the other products I tested. It helps to slim down your tummy, provide support for your lower back and improve posture. I don’t have any issues with my posture in general, but this was still a great feature for me. The leg openings were shorter than the other AA Shapewear item I tried, so it didn’t help with my hips and rear end as much. It helped to slim down my waist quite a bit, though!

6. This shaper is another one from Boditoni that features some cons and pros for me! First, the pros! The Seamless Boyshort Panty helped to smooth out my rear end and hips under my clothing. I also liked that it was a seamless design, so there were no uncomfortable bulges from the stitching around the leg openings. Finally, I like that this panty is super stretchy and easy to slip on! Now for the cons. This piece is made of a tight polyester spandex blend, so it wasn’t as breathable and comfortable to wear all day long as some of the other shapewear I tested out for this review. It also did not provide much tummy control or posture support. Overall, this was an ideal option for someone looking for a little bit of coverage to wear under their clothing!

Shapellx is a company that specializes in shapewear for women. The product line includes items to fit all shapes and sizes, including body-hugging options like the waist trainer, which can help you lose inches around your belly fast! They also offer dresses with built-in control panels, so they’ll be comfortable enough no matter where you’re headed on any given day. Shapellx has been designing quality products since 1979 because we believe it’s important to make an investment not just in ourselves, but our future satisfaction as well. So whether or not this article helped motivate you today, please share this post if it did because who knows? You might save someone from having their worst nightmare: wearing tight clothing every single day of her life!

Shapellx is the best place to buy any product. What’s more, they offer free shipping on orders over $50 and a 60-day return policy, so you can be confident in your purchase from day one! Shapellx also has an amazing customer service team who will happily answer questions about products, sizing, or anything else that comes up. When it doubts just search their website for answers too because there are lots of articles with helpful information available 24/7…and the women at shape have been trainers themselves which means if anyone knows fitness gear then these people do! I love my brand-new tennis shoes by New Balance – thanks Shapellx!!

Shapellx offers a wide range of products to suit the needs and preferences of women. From workout clothes, healthy snacks, shoes to everyday wear such as dresses and sweaters; Shapellx has everything for you!

Shapellx is your one-stop shop when it comes to fashionably fitting wearable items that are not only comfortable but also fashionable. With so many different brands available at their store including Chico’s Petite, Lane Bryant Plus Size clothing line or LuluLemon yoga gear — there will be no shortage in finding something perfect just for you!.

Shapellx is the perfect shapewear brand for women looking to make their silhouettes look amazing. The store offers a variety of different products that are meant to give you an instant boost in self-confidence and comfort levels when wearing your favorite clothes. From bras, briefs, waist cinchers, bodyshapers – they have it all!

The Shapellx website has been designed with both men and women shopping in mind; which means no more searching through listings only suitable for females or male’s clothing sizes. Not only does this help keep things simple, but ensures great customer service every step of the way from selecting items on our site until final delivery at your doorstep!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you found these reviews helpful, and make sure to check out the other bloggers who contributed to this post as well!

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