Shein Review – is It Legit Or Scam for Fashion clothes shopping?

In this honest Shein review, I’ll break down what you can expect to find on Shein, and share some of my best Shein shopping tips for the most budget-friendly fashion clothes and outfits online store!

I’ve been ordering things off of Shein for over seven years now. This China-based website has been taking the fashion world by storm, and continues to grow in popularity. Overall, the items on Shein are hit or miss. But after using my Shein review tips below, you should have a better chance of scoring some really great deals!

What is Shein?

It’s is a popular online fashion clothes shop that sells trendy clothing to women. They offer free shipping, fast delivery times, and Shein reviews are almost always positive.

Overall, I would give Shein a rating of [rating].

Shein has been around since 2009 when its founder started his business with $30,000 in savings.

This company now employs over 800 people in China alone and continues to grow at an exponential rate!

How Shein Works?

Shein works by connecting you with the world’s leading designers and fashion brands at wholesale prices. They work on behalf of a global network of suppliers to find you amazing deals on clothes, shoes and accessories from around the world!

Shein has been connecting people with their favorite trends for over 10 years now – and they are just getting started! Whether you want a chic dress or designer jacket, Shein has got them all for consumers. From casual wear to party outfits, our selection is filled with tons of brands and styles to suit every fashion girl.

The Shein website is so easy to use – you can filter by category, size, or price with a simple click-and-drag option.

You’ll find everything from dresses for $20 (I scored this one recently!) to blouses for $12.

Every day, Shein offers up to 50% off on their already low prices, so it’s worth checking back regularly to see what they have!

Why Shein is Great?

  1. Shein is one of the leading global online shop for buying fashion clothes at cheap prices for women and girls. It has been helping female shoppers to find the clothing they have always wanted at a price that will not break their wallet. Online shopping is something that most people hate, but with Shein it feels easy and simple to buy exactly what you are looking for and there’s no need to worry.
  2. Unlike other online shopping options, Shein offers a large variety of different styles and sizes. A lot of times people will shop until they got something that is the right size and style for them! They buy these items in bulk and then spread out their shopping over time. It’s a great way to save money on all your favorite brands without having to sacrifice quality.
  3. Shein is great because they are a fashion clothes shopping site that offers the best clothes and has been around for over ten years now.
  4. Their customer service team also responds quickly to inquiries, which makes Shein even better!
  5. Shein’s social media presence is one of their strongest assets – they have nearly 700k followers on Facebook alone!
  6. Shein offers deals on items up to 50% off. So, customers never have to pay full price for clothes, shoes or accessories – and Shein’s free return shipping makes it super easy! It’s never been easier to buy clothes online.

Is it Legit?

Shein is 100% legitimate and trustworthy company. All the clothes are from suppliers that Shein has partnered with, and they offer a 14-day return policy on all orders (without any restocking fees)! Shipping takes about one week to arrive at your doorsteps, Sheins always offers free shipping on orders of $150 or more.

Shein also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with an unconditional full refund for any customer who isn’t satisfied with their Shein products.

Most of their clothes are great, and they’re coming out with new brands all the time. There are always a few things I’m not crazy about, but at this point, I’ve been so happy with so many dresses that I haven’t had the chance to let my guard down.

The whole Shein thing is funny because it’s really just like buying stuff from any other online clothing site that doesn’t cost much… Except Shein offers the best prices and styles.

The only real downside I’ve found is that their return policy isn’t as lenient as those of other sites (you lose your money if you send back more than two items).

Anyway, Shein has been my favorite online store for years now.


Shein is an online fashion store that sells clothing, shoes, and accessories for women and girls. Clothing is inexpensive, with a new item added weekly to the website. Plus sizes available starting at XXL

Shein offers Asian-inspired fashion apparels in a variety of designs suitable for all body shapes at prices that are affordable as well as economical. The clothes are tailor-made from high quality fabrics like etc., which ensures comfortableness during wear time. Furthermore, this store also have kids’ sections where little ones can look cool with trendy outfits!

Additionally, the company provides its customers with free international shipping on orders above $49. There are no hidden charges or duties that come along with your order, so there’s no need to worry about hidden costs.

There’s also Shein promo codes now and then that help you get even more discounts on your purchases!


  1. The return policy, which states that a customer can only send back two items for refunds without incurring any penalties, such as losing their money. Other than this, Shein is a good company.
  2. One other potential Shein downfall is imports from other countries like China, where sometimes customers don’t know how to read Chinese sizes at all (and again we’re being pushed into this problem by asking for directions from a company serving just one demographic ).
  3. Shein’s items often come with some inferior materials and shoddy craftsmanship, but they’re still cheaper alternatives to higher-quality clothing that can be found elsewhere!
  4. Shein has a reputation for sending clothing that doesn’t fit. Sometimes the clothes come in too small or not at all, while others are just wrong size ranges like L-XL instead of M-L
  5. The shipping might get delayed, and you need to be patient with the weather or the Shein’s order processing time.
  6. Shein also sells some items that are not made of 100% cotton. There have been a few Shein reviews lately about clothes being too thin and flimsy as well as sizing issue.

Customer reviews

Most reviews are very positive, praising Shein for great prices and fast shipping. There have been a few complaints about the quality of Shein’s items in some reviews, but it is only a few customers who are unsatisfied with the Shein experience.

Most ratings are a five to four out of five stars, with Shein being praised for great prices as well as fast shipping and delivery.

Shein has a great customer service that is always ready to help with any problems or issues. They are also very responsive and quick, which really makes customers feel valued!

How to Order?

You have four easy ways to order clothes from the Shein Online Shop.

  1. Search through their categories for products that have your desired color, size or style and purchase them with a few clicks of the mouse.
  2. Scroll through their newest arrivals below and get excited about all the latest trends that will be joining your wardrobe very soon!
  3. Check out their “Save Up” section to find great daily deals or sign up for the newsletter, so you won’t miss any deals!
  4. Enter what you’re looking for in their search bar at the top of this website and watch as Shein shows you some suggestions. Then just pick whichever one suits your style

Payments & Security

They accept PayPal, Bank wire transfer, Western Union, Credit cards, and American Express.

Shein is a safe and secure site to shop at, as they use the latest SSL encryption technology for transactions. They also have an in-house team of security experts who regularly monitor Shein’s servers and network with 24/seven surveillance software that automatically detects any suspicious activity or breaches on Shein’s website. The company also automates Shein’s order process, which is much more efficient to ensure quick processing of all transactions.

They values your security and has put in place stringent measures to maximize the safety of all transactions on its website. They are PCI Compliant with a Qualified Compliance Level (Level 1). In addition to this, they will not release customer information without consent so that they maintain their 100% Confidence Score™ on TrustPilot.

Customer service

You can contact them through email Or you can call them at service phone number.

Shein does not have a live chat feature on their site, but they do provide an online contact form to fill out in the event that customers need some help with

Shipping and Delivery

There are 2 shipping opions:

Standard Shipping: will take up to 14 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the date of when Shein received your order for orders within the United States or Canada, and it will take 21-28 working days if Shein is shipping internationally. Orders are shipped by DHL Express Service

Fast Shipping: will take up to 11 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the date of when Shein received your order for orders within the United States or Canada, and it will take 16-21 working days if Shein is shipping internationally

The customer’s billing address must be in the same the delivery destionation.

Return Policy

Shein do not provide free return shipping on Shein item, but Shein’s policy does allow an exchange of most Shein items for a full refund and the cost is deducted from your store credit -within 60 days of purchase date – as long as Shein’s item is in the original condition

Exceptions to Shein’s return policy may occur if Shein has made a mistake concerning your order.

Shein also offers an easy 60-day exchange for Shein products, so you can change sizes or try out new styles without purchasing them first! Product exchanges are only available for Shein products and not Shein items.

Discount Coupons

Shein has been providing shoppers with the chance to save money on their purchases since 1978. One way they do this is by offering discounts through online coupon codes for consumers who are willing to sign up at Shein email list or follow them either via Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat.

With these sites making it easier than ever before for people all over the world (including those living outside of Europe) to find new outfits quickly without having spent too much time shopping around stores themselves! Coupon codes are a great way to save money, and Shein is one of the best companies when it comes to coupon codes. cashback, and deals.

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Shein has been my favorite site for years now and I can’t believe how much they’ve grown in popularity over the last few years! This China-based website’s customer service team responds quickly to inquiries, which makes Shein even better!

They offer deals on women’s items up to 50% off. Reviews are pretty positive overall for the most part- it’s only in a few cases where people were unsatisfied with what they got from Shein.

Complaints are not common for this company. That means that the company is honest and trustworthy. Scam sites will have plenty of complaints.

In my opinion, it’s worth the risk. It doesn’t hurt to try out Shein for yourself and see what you think! Overall, I would give Shein a rating of [4.6].

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