Shine Whitening – Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening System Review

If you’re looking to get your teeth back to their white, bright glory days, there are so many options out there – and not all of them have to involve eye-watering dental bills and scary procedures. Check out our list of best teeth whitening kits to select what works best for you.

The in-home option is become increasingly popular for people looking to whitening up without making big time and financial commitments. These teeth whitening kits all claim to have dramatic effects on teeth discoloration without the fuss, but do they do the job? Let’s put Shine Whitening’s Teeth Whitening System under the spotlight. It claims to have the same formula as its professional rivals, but what do real life users think?

The Shine Whitening – Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening System claims to use the same professional grade whitening gel as professional treatments, but the makers prefer to keep the ingredients in the gel to themselves. It’s worth noting, however, that this treatment employs a peroxide-free formula that uses only botanical ingredients.


This is a great option for those with sensitive teeth. It is made with botanical ingredients and doesn’t contain peroxide. Results may be seen in as little as 3 days. The trays are comfortable and cover all of your teeth. The kit is easy to use. Processing takes just 15 minutes per session.


Shaping the trays can be a pain. Results may not be seen for one to two weeks. Results may not be as good as whitening kits with peroxide.

Have you avoided whitening your teeth because they are so sensitive? If you’ve had a bad experience using dental trays or strips that contain peroxide, you’ll want to give this whitening kit a shot. It does not contain peroxide, and it is made with botanical ingredients that are designed to whiten without causing pain and sensitivity. 

This is a teeth whitening kit that contains zero peroxide teeth whitening system; thus it leaves no sensitivity on gum and teeth. This package includes two 10-cc screw-cap syringes, whitening LED light and retainer case. The botanical ingredients used in this whitening kit are made in the USA. Moreover, the LED light is the same light as the one that most professional whitening centers use.