Best Shower Rod 2018

When it comes to designing your bathroom, you probably think of expensive bathroom fittings, a nice looking mirror, shiny faucets and modern looking showers. The shower rod however is often overlooked and placed much lower on the priority list as compared to other bathroom accessories. You can buy an expensive and pretty looking shower curtain but if you choose an

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Best Bathroom Scale 2018

If you’ve set any sort of fitness goal for yourself and are determined to reach it, you should start your journey by getting yourself a smart bathroom scale. Irrespective of whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, build more muscle mass or simply lose some fat and get a toned body – tracking your weight is a must.

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Best Nose Hair Trimmer 2018

You generally like facial hair when it comes to sporting a mustache or beard, but you will feel annoyingly awkward when the nose hairs begin protruding from your nostrils. But it isn’t there just to annoy you. In fact, it actually helps to filter out airborne pathogens, protecting your respiratory system from allergens, bacteria, and other harmful things Generally, with

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