Top 5 Sites Where You Can Stream Movies For Free Online

There is many paid streaming services online for watching movies and TV series, but there are also websites where you can stream movies for free (and legally) that are listed in this post.

Although the on demand streaming services such as Netflix, Videoland and Ziggo is quite popular, it will cost you some bucks if you want to see all available titles. Fortunately, there are also free alternatives like Primewire. But are these websites to guarantee a wonderful movie night on the couch? We tested a number of sites where you can legally stream movies!


A non-sick 5000 titles can be viewed via Snagfilms. Unfortunately, the website offer consists mainly of obscure indie films. The average film lover will quickly drop out due to the lack of known titles. However, if you are interested in things like sports, music or history, then you are just as sweet with the extensive documentary offering.

Classic Cinema Online

As the name of the site suggests, you don’t have to be here if you’re looking for Deadpool 2. Classic Cinema Online only offers movies from the old box. In addition, not all titles deserve the stamp ‘Classic’, but there are classics such as Pinocchio and Metropolis. However, this site is really only worthwhile for people who find sound films scary.


The originally Swiss streaming site Viewster already has more than 12,000 titles on offer. Unfortunately, quantity in this case is not the same as quality. There are mainly cheap B films available that have never reached the cinema. Viewster is nevertheless recommended for anime fans. This site has numerous Japanese animation films and series in their catalog.

Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online collects films and series that can be streamed from (legal) online sources, including YouTube. The image quality is shooting in all directions, but the range is not silly: from classics such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to cult crackers such as Kickboxer and Life of Brian. Shame about the pop-ups for online casinos and other misery.

Top Documentary Films

Just like Movies Found Online, Top Documentary Films gets its content from YouTube. The range is also handy, divided into categories such as sports, crime and more. The design of the site is nice and quiet and clean, which means that you have quickly found an interesting documentary without too much effort.


We are not fond of it, but you really have to pull out your wallet to gain access to a worthwhile catalog. The sites that come out best do little more than channel content through YouTube. Then you might as well enter the desired title directly in the search window of the video site. All in all a typical case: you get what you pay for !

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